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Бермудский треугольник

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Captain Taylor to the Bridge.
Captain Taylor to the Bridge.
Big money in whale meat.
We've done DNA testing...
on samples from Japanese
and Korean markets.
The samples match the signature...
of these southern
hemisphere whales.
They call themselves
research vessels.
That's how they justify
tracking the whales...
but they come out here to hunt.
Your friend doesn't
talk very much, does he?
Meeno. Not much. No.
But he's probably
the most passionate of any of us.
Attention, whaler...
you are about to violate
international law.
Any attempt to harm this mammal...
will be a direct infraction
of the Reykjavik moratorium.
Hey, guys!
Heads up!
God damn it!
What do we do?
Oh, my God!
Hang on!
What's happening?
Brace yourselves!
Help me.
Meeno, help me! Meeno!
No! No!
John! John! Take my hand!
John! Give me your hand, John!
Reach out!
Open it.
OK. That's just...
What is that?
- It's a cross.
- A cross?
15th Century by the look of it.
The Coroner's Office has already
asked to interview you.
Well, they'll never find
an explanation.
I think it's time
we brought them in.
And I will not accept a "No" answer.
Not from those four.
Tell your mother that you're going.
Period. OK?
Mom already said
the exact opposite of you.
She's always saying
the exact opposite of you.
OK. Look, honey.
Is this important to you?
- Yes, Daddy.
- Then let me talk to her.
He wants to talk to you.
Power's out again.
Tell your father
we can't afford it.
Excuse me, I'm looking
for a patient named...
Meeno Paloma.
Are you immediate family?
No. I'm a journalist.
The Observer.
It's immediate family only.
No exceptions.
Thank you.
How exactly do you expect
to pay for this?
I don't know,
but the kid loves the harp...
and she's good at it, right?
So it's what, like,
50 bucks a week?
Howard, you can't get the alimony
and child support together.
I... I understand why...
but don't grandstand
for your daughter...
when you know you're not
going to be able to.
Charge the damn lessons, OK?
Use my MasterCard.
The one with
the hot air balloons on it.
I don't think
that's maxed out.
You don't have the money,
You don't...
You don't exactly write...
for The New York Times anymore,
in case you haven't noticed.
Damn it, Sally,
just do it. Please.
Excuse me, folks.
Hope I'm not disturbing you.
Mind if l...
Are you the gastro inter...
No, no, no. Don't bother,
really, 'cause I'm not.
My name is Howard Thomas,
and I'm a journalist.
And I, and my readers, would be
extremely interested...
in hearing about
what happened to you out there.
I thought Dr. McKergy
specifically said...
Dr. McKergy didn't voice
any objections to me...
about my stopping in,
just for a few minutes.
Great. Thank you.
So, um...
a rogue whaling ship...
and you were in
a Greenpeace 12-man raft, right?
What... what exactly happened?
The whaler was...
They were firing on a gray, uh...
Uh, female.
Then, suddenly...
it was... it was like...
something was...
churning the water.
Some... force.
Some violent force...
destroyed the whaler.
And... and then...
and then it hit us.
Hmm. Violent force, huh?
And you were,
what, about 50 miles out?
Sargasso Sea?
It's also known
as the Bermuda Triangle.
l... I never said anything
about the...
Oh, no. Relax, relax.
You don't have to.
I will.
Good people died out there.
Mr. Thomas!
Mr. Thomas.
My name's Ackerman.
Aron Ackerman. And I'm...
Wow. Well, I'm just
a huge fan of yours.
I think you're a truly
fantastic journalist. Truly.
I've got something for you.
Oh, come on. Are you...
She's serving me again?
I just talked to her.
She didn't mention this at all.
No. This is nothing like that, sir.
Nothing like that at all.
Copy that, Base.
- Professor?
- What?
All right. Are you reading
the velocity sensors?
5-5-5, Professor.
- Full array?
- Across the
Бермудский треугольник

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