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that you, not me?
Let's clear this up.
What am I to do?
I found all sorts
of proofs and arguments...
She doesn't get it.
- What are you trying to prove?
You come home plastered and tell me what
to do! I get up at six and work all day.
And so what? I don't get it.
What do you get up at six for?
To be pleased with yourself?
- And what are you going to kill me for?
Because you don't know
your aim in life.
Get out of my house!
I want to live in peace!
Let's live by the law
and follow a normal script.
All you say is that you are going to kill
me and that I smell of earth and death.
It's the only way.
- Bastard.
Should anyone disobey
God's goddam rules...
...and break away from the natural order,
I am going to eliminate them.
Your wife was right to leave you
and take the child with her.
You are a bastard and everyone
is sick to death of you.
You're not even embarrassed to behave
the way you do before the film makers.
At least they'll get a true picture
of life.
O God! Who's going to protect me?
Anna, my dear, my beloved
and esteemed sister.
You are so horrible and vile...
So you'll kill me.
- Whore.
So you want to kill me, don't you?
- Shut up, you bitch!
I shall dance and wiggle my bottom.
Hey, you all must look at me!
What a nice bum you can see!
Isn't it cold in winter, dear?
Are you, darling, happy here?
I don't mind I'm barefooted.
My dear feet won't freeze at all.
Together we'll be warm.
My sweetheart danced with me.
The samovar in front,
the smithy behind.
Hop hop.
My darling has curly hair. I won't
swap him for all the gold in the world.
My husband is a melon
and I am an apple tree.
When my husband is away
I am happy and full of glee.
Don't scold me, mother dear,
that I eat a lot of bread.
Will you sew me a white bag,
and you won't be fed up with me.
Vetch with lentils,
lentils with vetch.
A coin for the hay, two for the cart.
Three roubles for a triple ride.
Isn't it cold in winter, dear?
Are you, darling, happy here?
Hark! Split I was
and remade I was.
Seven times gave birth,
and still a virgin I was.
The film featured Anna Fyodorovna and
her brothers Vasiliy, Sergey and Michael.
Filmcrew: Kosakovski, Nikiforov, Belov,
Koerasjova, Potsjeloejeva, Konovalov,
Malijev, Aloskina en Filimonov.
THE END. Studio of Documentary
Films St. Petersburg. 1992
Edward Pilitsyn & Helene Reid


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