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new era.
We won't. And not because
we can or can't readjust...
...but for our generation
the train's already left the station.
We are too late. We can't fit in.
But we must adjust to the times.
We mustn't stand
in the way of changes.
Listen, Vasiliy, my dear brother.
You've got to understand...
...that Gaidar didn't fit in,
and neither did your son.
Dina, Zhulenka...
What's the matter?
I just can't do it.
I can't manage.
I can't whistle today.
National education is the source
of all national culture.
The source.
The Russian Empire conquered
vast territories...
...dividing them in different provinces,
ruling them without taking notice...
...of national feelings.
Other countries evolved historically.
The Chinese have lived in China...
...and the Japanese have lived
in Japan for thousands of years.
I don't know where Russia is?
- Shut up, Karamazov!
You're so rude.
Take no notice, he's older than you.
He lived through the siege of Leningrad
as a boy.
You're such a jerk.
- I didn't offend him.
Why bang your fist on the table then?
Just to make the point.
- Why?
We can all bang our fist on the table.
- Of course we can.
I can't talk to you when you are like this.
You're banging your fists...
...spilling tea on me.
- Tea? And so what?
Calm down, Vasiliy.
You are brothers. I'm ashamed of you.
Our mother wouldn't recognize you.
May she rest in peace!
The younger one is telling off his elders.
- Quiet please.
What arguments and proofs have you got?
Tell me.
Let's sit at the negotiation table.
Show your papers.
I'm here as your brother,
not as a negotiator.
Let's join forces at the river Elbe!
It is a conversation on the river Elbe.
If you refuse to talk to me now...
- No.
...as I'm speaking the truth...
- No.
... I'll resort to military action.
Let's go to bed.
Hey, Lenin, go and call the dog!
To hell with the dog.
- You go and I'll be a lone wolf.
Where is Anna?
Where did I see her?
- What are you shouting?
I'll slay you! I'll kill you, you bitch.
- You just try!
Try to kill me.
Try to kill me with an axe.
You are such a pig!
- Maybe. But I'm right, all the same.
Put the money on the table.
The money for bread.
You squander it on drink. Then you come
here to bother me, you pig.
I carry billions around with me.
I bring in millions
with my brain.
- Where are they, then?
Your underpants show
through your trousers.
You don't believe me.
- Billions!
You pig!
I shouldn't stay with you in the winter.
I must try to get out alive.
You are crazy enough to kill me!
- So who's going to eat the potatoes?
Stuff your own face with them!
I'm leaving.
And you stay here.
You're sharpening the axe to kill me.
Every day you taunt me,
telling me to say my last prayer.
Telling you to ask God's forgiveness.
Yes, only God.
- Why?
When it's you who is killing me?
You bastard.
Pray for your sins.
- Bastard.
I've never been that.
A bastard and a jerk is what you are.
Why on earth did you come here?
I've only had two days of peace.
You foul, stinking creature.
So the two drunkard brothers
have decided between them...
...that the house and the cow
belong to Misha, the whoremongers!
Get up. It's late.
It's time to milk the cow.
Get up!
You know that Granny
will see to everything.
And then I'll feel knackered all day!
I've taken care of this lousy matter.
I made a quick trip to Novgorod.
People have been sent to the city...
...and I have taken out a large
mortgage on the property.
The house and the cow aren't yours.
You're one who's eating my bread!
Dina is mine, not yours. All you've got
is the dirty balls between your legs.
You can...
- Stop clenching your teeth.
Don't you see, you have
no understanding. So I must kill you.
But for what?
People like you should be eradicated
from society!
You are standing in society's way.
- Oh, yes?
Yes, people like you
are obstacles in life.
They hinder life.
- Isn't

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