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Drink up your tea, you tadpole.
Please don't shout.
- I meant it affectionately. Drink up.
You always speak so loudly.
Listen, Vasiliy Fyodorovich...
- We can all hear you without shouting.
You won't persuade anyone by shouting.
By shouting, you just prove...
...your inadequacy.
- You are the one who's shouting.
You won't persuade anyone by shouting.
- Look who's talking.
Who can tell me
what the scale of suffering is?
How can you measure it?
In litres, kilograms, or grams?
Centimetres, millimetres?
Unfortunately they haven't discovered
a measure yet.
But that measure affects your health...
...and it wears people out,
even to death.
It causes more deaths than
anything else.
I want to know what the measure is.
Excuse me,
but have you seen the film...
I don't know the director's name
or the scriptwriter.
It's called ''The Quagmire''.
Did you see it?
- Go and put the tractor away.
It applies here as well.
Brothers, allow me...
Our family is just like that quagmire.
Look how close your elbow is,
yet you can't bite it.
All the old units of measurement...
- I asked you not to shout.
Vasiliy, I've delivered many lectures.
I have the gifts of an orator.
Pass me the scissors.
- I got 10 roubles an hour in old money.
He's given more lectures than you,
but he keeps his voice down.
If you want to say something,
say it, please. Don't shout.
My eardrums will burst.
- OK. I'll try.
I don't want to criticize anyone.
Everyone has their own destiny.
Put the tractor away.
Have some tea with a sweet.
You know what, Vasiliy Fyodorovich?
Sergey Fyodorovich
knows more about life than you do.
You know what?
He knows life better than you do.
Sergey can't hear your praise.
His mind is miles away.
Maybe the Soviet government
hasn't influenced him deeply enough.
And what have you got against it?
He still has the old bourgeois
philistine ideas.
What do you know of the old bourgeois
philistine ideas? Were you alive then?
Please talk quietly, I beg you.
Let him be.
You, Vasiliy, and you, Anna,
I have to tell you to your face.
The two of you together
are examples...
...of the worst aspects of Soviet...
We've heard that story before.
- Don't interrupt me.
...the worst aspects and dangers
of the Soviet system.
What a great university that was!
I am not your wife,
so don't call me a whore.
Don't comment.
He's always calling me a whore.
Doesn't he ever get bored with it?
Can you be quieter?
- The bastard is always on at me.
OK. You talk. I'll listen.
- Damn drunkard!
You don't have to say anything.
If people don't like what you are
talking about, then you should stop.
Or speak softly when you speak.
Too late to discuss me.
I'm 60 if I'm a day.
Why should you chew the same old cud
all the time?
You know I lie drunk in the ditch
with men queuing up. What do you want?
You dog. Idiot.
I'm not your wife for you to control.
You old son of a bitch!
Have you nothing better to talk about?
You could take them berry-picking.
Or to the source of the river.
All he can do is fight
and rant and rave.
Now you're getting all worked up.
I don't understand why you're so agitated.
- Why does he always have to start?
Take a few drops of valerian.
- Let him do that. I don't swear at him.
- Here's an example.
He said ''Yeltsin is bad!'' That's what they
say at every beer stand, drunken sods!
And Yeltsin,
the poor man works night and day.
He travels to Italy, Germany, England
and America to put things right.
And they just sit there and criticize.
I would say: 'Dear Yeltsin...'
- Quiet now.
Castrate the lot of them.
They haven't been up to it since the war.
Their cocks are forever at half mast.
All cold and wrinkly.
Do you realize that Gaidar
killed two birds with one stone?
What you're about to say
is as old as the hills.
Look how he's solving
the economic problem.
He's got a sensible approach.
He'll fit in to the

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