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They'll live in a different world.
They'll build their own.
You say: ''I'll give a sweet to my child
rather than eating it myself.''
No! I say.
You've got to eat it.
Later on, he won't want your sweets,
or even chocolate.
- What?
Can you cut my hair, please?
Look how long it's grown.
What will the brothers say?
I look like a bear.
As I was saying...
Pass me the hammer, please.
You say: ''You must live
and I will die for you.''
I want to smash this theory.
Right down to the root.
My God.
- You've only been given this one life.
There's no second person like you.
So why die for someone else?
Then what's the point of being born?
You are unique in this world.
I fight for the individual,
not for the community.
Why do you think the question
of capital punishment is raised?
You see...
I abolish capital punishment.
I abolish it.
If you can prove the opposite,
go ahead! OK. I'm all ears.
People always refer to the State.
I don't.
The State is you and me.
I asked Yeltsin: ''Are you the State?''
He said:
''No. I've got a mother and father.''
So tell me, what exactly is the State?
You and me, both of us together.
And that's it.
You know what?
I would prohibit the State
from making toys for children.
Then a girl would make her own doll.
I would give her the cloth.
If she gets a doll from the shop,
she would break it.
And the boys could construct something.
There's big potential there.
I am proposing a perfect ideology.
To prohibit toy production
and promote consumer goods.
Hey, you all must look at me!
What a nice bum you can see!
At the present stage of civilization...
...we don't realize
that we are destroying ourselves.
Why is a man not happy
with his wife?
An other woman looks better
and tastes sweeter.
Explain, pussy.
Anna, you've become an old lady.
Your path gets shorter every day.
My blessed darlings, my sweet ones.
Come to your Granny.
I will give you some water and
then I want to live a week longer.
My sweet ones.
Hey, monkey, drink up quickly
or he'll drink yours.
You are always so slow.
My darling.
''So the people were herded together
in the city to count the stones...''
You rascal!
While you were gawping,
he's taken it away from you.
How many times have I told you
to be more canny?
Eat quickly
or you end up with nothing.
My darling son,
I received your letter.
Thank you very much.
I am sending you some blueberries
and a bit of...
...bee's oil for your cold.
Rub it on the bridge of your nose
to stop it getting blocked.
Keep your feet warm, especially the heels.
Make mustard baths for your dear legs.
Please look after yourself,
my dearest and sweetest little boy.
My precious little baby.
I've lived my life.
What does it matter if I die?
Take care of your family.
May you all live in peace.
Give my love to Galya.
And good health.
Look after Yuri.
Cherish him as your best friend.
Take care of him.
You know what my life is like
so I won't write about it.
It's not so easy getting here.
Look how much dust you've kicked up.
- Good day to you.
Let me put my black dress on.
Can you believe it!
She wants her black dress on.
Hello, you, the self-exiled farmer!
Voluntarily exiled for
drinking too much.
Not because of
disrespect for your parents!
It's our task...
To take care of the body
and God will take care of the soul.
Come and have some tea with us.
I don't drink tea.
- What do you drink? Water?
Come on, we want you here, at the table.
- I drink nothing but vodka.
Misha, sit down here.
Don't you want to sit next to me?
Take a seat next to me, my sweet,
so that our hearts won't bleed.
I understand.
Sit down and have some tea.
This is of no moral value.
There he goes again.
Just now we've poured your tea.
Is that the time? Twenty past ten already.
- We often stay up till well past midnight.
It's time to go to bed.
- Not yet. You come to see us so


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