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Бегущий по лезвию

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- What one?
- What?
- What desert?
Doesn't make any difference.
It's completely hypothetical.
- But how come I'd be there?
- Maybe you're fed up.
Maybe you wanna be by yourself.
Who knows?
You look down and see a tortoise.
- It's crawling towards you...
- Tortoise? What's that?
- You know what a turtle is?
- Of course.
Same thing.
I've never seen a turtle.
But I understand what you mean.
You reach down,
you flip the tortoise over on its back.
Do you make up these questions,
Mr. Holden?
Or do they write them down for you?
The tortoise lays on its back,
its belly baking in the sun...
...beating its legs,
trying to turn itself over, but it can't...
...not without your help.
- You're not helping.
- What do you mean I'm not?
I mean, you're not helping.
Why is that, Leon?
They're just questions, Leon.
In answer to your query,
they're written down for me.
It's a test designed to provoke
an emotional response.
Shall we continue?
Describe in single words only the
good things that come into your mind...
...about your mother.
- My mother?
- Yeah.
Let me tell you about my mother.
A new life awaits you
in the Off-world colonies.
The chance to begin again...
...in a golden land of opportunity
and adventure.
A new life awaits you
in the Off-world colonies.
The chance to begin again...
...in a golden land of opportunity
and adventure.
The custom-tailored, genetically
engineered humanoid Replicant...
...designed especially for your needs.
So come on, America.
Let's put out....
Give me four.
No, four. Two, two. Four.
And noodles.
He say you under arrest, Mr. Deckard.
Got the wrong guy, pal.
He say you Blade Runner.
Tell him I'm eating.
Captain Bryant... .
Bryant, huh?
Yellow 3.
Climb and maintain 4000.
Final descent.
Now on glide path. Mark course.
Over the landing threshold.
Hiya, Deck.
You wouldn't have come
if I just asked you to. Sit down, pal.
Come on, don't be an asshole, Deckard.
I've got four skin-jobs walking the streets.
They jumped a shuttle Off-world,
killed the crew and passengers.
They found the shuttle drifting
off the coast two weeks ago...
...so we know they're around.
No, sir, not embarrassing. No one's ever
gonna find out they're down here.
Because you're gonna spot them
and air them out.
I don't work here anymore.
Give it to Holden.
- He's good.
- I did.
He can breathe okay
as long as nobody unplugs him.
He's not good enough.
Not good as you.
I need you, Deck.
Now, this is a bad one, the worst yet.
I need the old Blade Runner.
I need your magic.
I was quit when I come in here, Bryant.
I'm twice as quit now.
Stop right where you are.
You know the score, pal?
If you're not cop, you're little people.
No choice, huh?
No choice, pal.
I already had an IQ test this year.
I don't think I've ever
had one of these.
Reaction time is a factor,
so please pay attention.
- Answer as quickly as you can.
- Yeah, sure.
1187 at Hunterwasser.
Yeah. That's the hotel.
- What?
- Where I live.
- Nice place?
- Yeah, sure, I guess.
There was an escape from
the Off-world colonies two weeks ago.
Six Replicants: three male, three female.
They slaughtered 23 people
and jumped a shuttle.
An aerial patrol spotted
the ship off the coast.
No crew, no sight of them.
Three nights ago they tried to break
into Tyrell Corporation.
Two of them got fried running
through an electrical field.
We lost the others.
On the possibility they might try
to infiltrate as employees...
...I had Holden go over and run
Voight-Kampff tests on the new workers.
Looks like he got himself one.
So you look down and you see
a tortoise. It's crawling towards you.
- Tortoise?
- That's Leon.
Ammunition loader
on intergalactic runs.
He can lift 400-pound
Бегущий по лезвию Бегущий по лезвию

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