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an old friend of J.F.'s.
That's no way to treat a friend.
[Shouting, scattered voices]
[Hum of engine vibrates]
[Eerie synthesizer sound bytes]
[Rain pelting]
[Chanting in background]
SOLDIER: [Echoing] Good evening, J.F.
[Footsteps echo]
[Robot laughing sporadically]
[Shrieking and banging]
[Pris wails and gasps]
[Violent smacking sounds]
[Shrieking into enraged tantrum]
[Clanging of metal]
[Eerie synthesizer music]
ROY: [Echoing] Not very sporting to fire
on an unarmed opponent.
I thought you were supposed to be good.
Aren't you the good man?
Come on! Oh, Deckard!
Show me...
...what you're made of!
[Gun blast, glass shatters]
Proud of yourself, little man?
This is for Zhora!
[Deckard yelps]
This is for Pris.
[Bones cracking, Deckard shrieks]
ROY: Come on, Deckard.
I'm right here,
but you've gotta shoot straight.
Straight doesn't seem to be good enough!
Now it's my turn!
I'm gonna give you a few seconds
before I come.
One. Two....
Three. Four....
[Roy breathes heavily]
[Howling sounds]
[Howling echoes]
ROY: [Operatic echoing voice] I'm coming!
ROY: Deckard!
ROY: Four, five!
ROY: How to stay alive!
[Clanking and shattering sounds]
[Roy cackles]
ROY: I can see you!
[Rain pelting]
ROY: Deckard, not yet!
[Roy grunts and groans]
[Deckard breathes heavily]
[Thunder rumbles]
[Roy wails]
ROY: You better get it up!
Or I'm gonna have to kill you!
Unless you're alive...
...you can't play! And if you don't play....
[Spitting and coughing]
Six. Seven!
Go to hell or go to heaven!
DECKARD: [Screaming] Go to hell!
ROY: Good! That's the spirit.
[Wings flutter]
[Eerie chanting]
[Roy howls]
[Grunting and banging]
ROY: That hurt!
That was irrational of you.
Not to mention...
ROY: Where are you going?
[Deckard gasps for air]
[Church bells clang]
[Deckard breathes heavily]
[Eerie instrumental music]
[Banging and gasping]
[Church bells clang]
Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?
That's what it is to be a slave.
[Deckard sobs and gasps for air]
[Roy screams, Deckard groans in pain]
[Deckard gasps]
I've seen things...
...you people wouldn't believe.
Attack ships on fire
off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams...
...glitter in the dark
near the Tannhдuser Gate.
All those moments will be lost...
...in time...
...like tears...
...in the rain.
ROY: Time to die.
[Melodic instrumental music]
GAFF: You've done a man's job, sir.
I guess you're through, huh?
GAFF: It's too bad she won't live.
But then again, who does?
Do you love me?
I love you.
Do you trust me?
I trust you.
GAFF: It's too bad she won't live.
But then again, who does?
[Electric door zooms shut]
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SOFTITLERNext subject: Kowalski, Leon.
Engineer, waste disposal.
File section: New employee, six days.
Calling Mr. Webber...
- Come in.
- ... please report to Zone A Sector 9.
Replication Center Level 9,
we have a B1 security alert.
Stand by for ID check, please.
Sit down.
Replication Center Level 9,
we have a B1 security alert.
Stand by for...
Care if I talk?
I'm kind of nervous when I take tests.
Just please don't move.
Oh, sorry.
I already had an IQ test.
I don't think I've had one of these.
Reaction time is a factor,
so pay attention.
Now answer as quickly as you can.
1187 at Hunterwasser.
That's the hotel.
- What?
- Where I live.
- Nice place?
- Yeah, sure, I guess.
Is that part of the test?
No. Just warming you up. That's all.
It's not fancy or anything.
You're in a desert,
walking along in the sand, when...
Is this the test, now?
Yes. You're in a desert,
walking along in the sand...
- ... when you look down...
Бегущий по лезвию Бегущий по лезвию

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