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Бегущий по лезвию

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...Pris hasn't got long to live!
ROY: We can't allow that.
Is he good?
Your opponent.
SEBASTIAN: Oh, Dr. Tyrell?
I've only beaten him once in chess.
He's a genius.
He designed you.
Maybe he could help?
I'd be happy to mention it to him.
Better if I talk to him in person.
ROY: From what I understand,
he's a sort of hard man to get to.
Will you help us?
I can't.
We need you, Sebastian.
You're our best and only friend.
[Water bubbles intensely]
We're so happy you found us.
[Sebastian giggles]
I don't think there is another human being
in the world that would've helped us.
[Dramatic synthesizer music]
TYRELL: [Echoing]
66,000 Prosser & Ankopitch.
Trade at two....
INTERCOM: [Echoing] Blue entry.
Mr. J.F. Sebastian.
TYRELL: [On intercom] At this hour?
What can I do for you, Sebastian?
Queen to Bishop six. Check.
TYRELL: [Voice echoes] Nonsense!
Just a moment.
Queen to Bishop six? Ridiculous!
...Bishop six.
TYRELL: [On intercom] Knight...
...takes Queen.
What's on your mind, Sebastian?
What are you thinking about?
ROY: [Whispers] Bishop to King seven.
Bishop to King seven. Checkmate, I think.
Got a brainstorm, Sebastian?
Milk and cookies kept you awake?
TYRELL: [On intercom] Let's discuss this.
You better come up, Sebastian.
[Engine hums]
SEBASTIAN: Mr. Tyrell?
I brought a friend.
I'm surprised you didn't come here sooner.
ROY: It's not an easy thing
to meet your maker.
And what can he do for you?
ROY: Can the maker repair what he makes?
TYRELL: Would you like to be modified?
ROY: Stay here.
I had in mind something more radical.
What seems to be the problem?
TYRELL: Death?
Well, I'm afraid that's a little
out of my jurisdiction. You...
I want more life...
The facts of life....
To make an alteration in the...
...evolvement of an organic life
system is fatal.
TYRELL: A coding sequence cannot
be revised once it's been established.
Why not?
Because, by the second day of incubation,
any cells...
...that have undergone reversion
mutations give rise...
...to revertant colonies,
like rats leaving a ship.
Then, the ship sinks.
ROY: What about E.M.S. recombination?
We've already tried it.
Ethyl Methane Sulfonate
is an alkylating agent...
...and a potent mutagen.
It created a virus, so lethal...
...the subject was dead
before he left the table.
Then a repressor protein,
that blocks the operating cells.
It wouldn't obstruct replication, but it
does give rise to an error in replication.
So that newly formed DNA strand
carries a mutation...
...and you've got a virus again.
TYRELL: But, this, all of this is...
TYRELL: You were made
as well as we could make you.
But not to last.
The light that burns twice as bright,
burns half as long.
And you have burned so very brightly, Roy.
TYRELL: Look at you.
You're the prodigal son.
You're quite a prize.
I've done...
...questionable things.
Also, extraordinary things.
TYRELL: Revel in your time.
Nothing the god of bio-mechanics
wouldn't let you in heaven for.
[Eerie chanting]
[Tyrell gasps for air]
[Neck cracking, Tyrell wailing in pain]
[Eerie music becomes louder, background]
[Sirens blaring]
[Voices commanding on police radio]
[Scattered voices]
BRYANT: The body identified with Tyrell
is a 25-year-old male Caucasian.
Name, Sebastian. J.F. Sebastian.
Address: Bradbury Apartments,
Ninth Sector, N.F. 46751.
Now, I want you to go down there and...
OFFICER: This sector's closed to
ground traffic. What are you doing here?
I'm workin'. What are you doin'?
Arresting you, that's what I'm doing.
I'm Deckard. Blade Runner.
26354. I'm filed and monitored.
OFFICER: Hold on. Checking.
OFFICER: Okay. Checked and cleared.
Have a better one.
[Digital beeping]
PRIS: Hello.
DECKARD: Hi. J.F. there?
PRIS: Who is it?
Бегущий по лезвию Бегущий по лезвию

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