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Бегущий по лезвию

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BRYANT: Four more to go.
Come on, Gaff, let's go.
There's three to go.
There's four.
Now there's that skin-job you V.- K.'d
at the Tyrell Corporation.
Well, Rachael disappeared. Vanished.
She didn't know she was a Replicant.
Something to do with a brain implant,
says Tyrell.
Come on, Gaff.
Drink some for me, pal.
[Saxophone plays, background,
scattered voices, rain pelts]
[Cars honking,
sound of traffic approaching]
How old am I?
I don't know!
My birthday's April 10th, 2017.
How long do I live?
Four years.
[Banging echoes]
LEON: More than you!
It's painful to live in fear, isn't it?
[Grunting and groaning]
Nothing is worse than having
an itch you can never scratch.
[Gasping] Oh, I agree!
[Deckard breathes heavily]
Wake up! Time to die.
[Deckard gasps]
DECKARD: Shakes?
Me, too.
DECKARD: I get 'em bad.
[Deckard sighs and clears his throat]
DECKARD: It's part of the business.
RACHAEL: I'm not in the business.
[Rachael sighs]
I am the business.
[Rachael sniffles, melancholy
synthesizer music, background]
[Faint sound of helicopter pelting,
[Sound of water running from faucet]
[Suspenseful synthesizer music,
What if I go north?
Would you come after me?
RACHAEL: Hunt me?
No, I wouldn't.
I owe you one.
But somebody would.
RACHAEL: Deckard....
RACHAEL: You know those files on me?
The incept date?
The longevity? Those things?
You saw them?
They're classified.
But you're a policeman.
I didn't look at them.
RACHAEL: You know,
that Voight-Kampff test of yours...
...did you ever take that test yourself?
[Saxophone plays]
[Thunder rumbles]
[Rachael plays classical melody on piano]
[Sultry saxophone music continues,
DECKARD: I dreamt music.
I didn't know if I could play.
I remember lessons.
I don't know if it's me or Tyrell's niece.
You play beautifully.
[Rachael gasps and sobs]
Now, you kiss me.
RACHAEL: I can't rely on my mem...
DECKARD: Say, "kiss me. "
RACHAEL: [Whispers] Kiss me.
DECKARD: [Whispers] I want you.
I want you.
I want you.
RACHAEL: [Whispers]
Put your hands on me.
[Voice in Asian language over intercom]
[Cuckoo clock chirps]
SEBASTIAN: What'cha doing?
I'm sorry.
Just peeking.
How do I look?
You look better.
PRIS: Just better?
You look beautiful.
[Footsteps echo]
PRIS: How old are you?
- What's your problem?
- Methuselah syndrome.
What's that?
My glands, they grow old too fast.
Is that why you're still on earth?
Yeah. I couldn't pass the medical.
Anyway, I kind of like it here.
PRIS: I like you...
...just the way you are.
PRIS: Hi, Roy.
Gosh, you really got some nice toys here.
PRIS: This is the friend
I was telling you about.
This is my savior, J.F. Sebastian.
ROY: Sebastian....
I like a man that stays put.
You live here all by yourself, do you?
SEBASTIAN: How about some breakfast?
I was just gonna make some. Excuse me.
PRIS: Well?
PRIS: What's going on?
There's only two of us now.
Then we're stupid and we'll die.
No, we won't.
[Water bubbling]
Knight takes Queen, see?
ROY: It won't do.
[Thunder rumbles]
Why are you staring at us, Sebastian?
SEBASTIAN: 'Cause you're so different.
You're so perfect.
What generation are you?
Nexus 6.
Ah, I knew it!
'Cause I do genetic design work
for the Tyrell Corporation.
There's some of me in you.
SEBASTIAN: Show me something.
ROY: Like what?
SEBASTIAN: Like anything.
We're not computers, Sebastian.
We're physical.
I think, Sebastian...
...therefore, I am.
Very good, Pris. Now show him why.
[Water bubbling]
[Sebastian gasps and chuckles]
- We've got a lot in common.
- What do you mean?
Similar problems.
PRIS: Accelerated decrepitude.
SEBASTIAN: I don't know much about
bio-mechanics, Roy. I wish I did.
If we don't find out
Бегущий по лезвию Бегущий по лезвию

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