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We'll see.
Beginning debug scan.
Bug detected.
Give me your blouse, Jackie.
Resuming scan.
Bug detected.
Give me your bra.
Resuming scan.
- Bug detected.
- Hold still.
Resuming scan.
Bug detected.
- Got a lot of bugs.
- I thought I was clean.
You're loaded.
He really wants to keep track of you.
Why is that?
- These two are clean.
- Okay, fine.
Are you crazy?
These are police cars.
- You want a four-car escort?
- Just you.
We'll take the robot driver.
You ride shotgun.
Is that gonna be enough?
Hell, no! If we're in cop cars,
they'll catch on right away.
- Oh, I doubt that.
- You doubt that?
You're acting like Sir Galahad.
You're gonna get us all killed.
Where's the templates?
What templates?
Let's get moving. Come on.
We hit the streets, and you,
me and dollface are dead.
Hey, Jack, you need a hand?
Just don't touch the cars, Rudy.
- Come on, it's me, Rudy, your buddy...
- Don't touch the car!
- Come on, I'm clean.
- Back off!
It's Luther.
Yeah, could be.
- You reading?
- Very clear.
- Armed?
- Yeah.
- What do you think our chances are?
- I'm not worried.
Yeah, well, you should be.
Internal screens are activated.
Clear so far.
No electronic targets are shown.
Set up.
Okay. Pull back a little.
Get the lock-on ready.
Lock-on. Armed.
- Front or rear?
- Rear.
- A lock-on is tracking.
- Shit!
In progress.
- It's all yours.
- Got it.
A lock-on is targeted.
- One down.
- One coming.
- Lock-on closing.
- From the front.
200 yards.
You are crazy. You're both crazy!
A lock-on is tracking.
Conditions are serious.
Damn, how many you got?
- Five. Six.
- Bail out.
Moving in.
- What's happening?
- We're getting out.
Multiple lock-ons targeted
at less than 200 yards.
Conditions are dangerous.
Multiple lock-ons targeted
at less than 100 yards.
Come on! Jump!
Multiple lock-ons targeted
at less than 50 yards.
Multiple lock-ons are closing.
Conditions dangerous.
Tak e evasive action.
Lock-ons are closing.
They're still tracking!
- They're keyed on.
- Whatever it is, it moved with you.
- Jackie.
- Come on, you know I'm clean.
Six coming front and rear.
We're never gonna make it.
- Jackie!
- Lock-ons targeted at 100 yards.
All right! Just a minute.
Eighty, 70, 60...
...50, 40, 30...
Go ahead. Throw it!
Conditions are hopeless.
That did it.
The templates?
Do you know how much they're worth?
Luther wants them pretty bad.
- Yeah, he does.
- And I want Luther pretty bad.
What do you say we make
a public appearance?
- You want sushi?
- Two California rolls.
You're out of your mind to stand here.
- Why, where is he?
- He could be anywhere.
That doesn't do us much good,
does it?
This is stupid!
You think he's gonna show up here?
He won't.
Let's get out of here.
- He wants these. He'll come.
- Sushi is here.
See, doesn't that look good?
You had the tekka maki.
Let me speak to her, Ramsay.
Where are you?
Don't be an asshole.
I'm lik e you, having dinner.
You might say, a night on the town
with your partner.
Come on, come on, hurry up.
Officer Thompson was nice enough
to lend me her headset.
Move a little, dear,
so he can see the gun.
Tak e a seat with Jackie.
Come on.
- Two for dinner?
- That's right.
This way, please.
Be cool.
We don't want any shooting
in a place lik e this, do we?
- No.
- Good boy.
- Just don't get too nerv ous.
- I won't.
I beg your pardon, sir?
Nothing. This is fine.
All right, now give Jackie
the templates.
Would you like something
from the bar?
Nothing, thank you.
- I'll be back with the menus.
- Could you give us a few minutes?
Now send Jackie over to me.
Send Thompson first.
What's the matter, sergeant?
Don't you trust me?
Come on,
I haven't got all night.
It's my insurance policy.
Send Thompson.
At the same time.
Go ahead, Jackie.
Goodbye, darling.
Sweet dreams.
Do you think I'm stupid?
What's the matter?
These aren't all of them.
Nobody does

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