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is a bad guy.
Served one to three, robbery.
Arrest, murder two, no conviction.
Arrest for assault with a deadly
weapon, overturned. Mob connections.
He's a rich kid gone bad.
Why's he with Johnson?
He got Johnson and Harry to design
the chips, killed them...
...and ran away with the stuff.
He likes to kill people.
He's killed five so far. I want him.
I'm sure you do.
But how are you going to get him?
We've got his girlfriend.
Whoop-dee-do! You think he's
interested in a piece of ass?
- She's all we've got.
- And she leads nowhere.
- I want you to talk to our psychic.
- Oh, chief.
Linda's in the building. I'll send
her up here to give you a reading.
- Come on, chief.
- Just do it, Ramsay.
An old name.
- Is his name Luther?
- Yeah.
And you're looking for him.
He's very angry.
Where is he?
I'm not surprised you're
looking for him.
You have a karmic bond.
You were brothers in another life.
- Linda...
- Your relationship is clear, like...
...pieces in the same puzzle.
You've been close many times,
and you'll get closer.
You'll definitely meet.
When and where?
He'll see to that.
After all...
...you have what he wants.
- I do?
- Of course.
- I work as an exercise instructor.
- Where?
A lot of places.
Look, I got a firm body.
My body's perfect. It's like a rock.
I can see that.
Oh, come on.
He's giving me a hard time.
- He doesn't believe me.
- I can't help.
Officer Milhop, artist sk etch room.
- Called you back too, huh?
- Yeah.
- How are you feeling now?
- Okay.
Hurts, but it's okay.
- Hey, Ramsay. Telephone.
- I'm not here.
What's going on?
Those illegal chips look like
they were production-etched.
Meaning what?
They were run off
a regular assembly line.
- So?
- Somewhere there's photo templates...
...to make more.
Who has the templates?
I don't know. We better find them.
He said he knows you're here.
Do you know a Luther?
This is Ramsay.
You're lucky to be alive.
You should've let the robot disarm it.
- You watch TV. What's on your mind?
- I watch, I look, I listen.
I'm watching you now.
Right. What's on your mind, Luther?
You're standing by the desk
punching buttons on the console...
...trying to trace this call,
which won't...
...do shit, because I'm calling
from a mobile phone.
Now you're looking around.
Now you're cupping your hand
over the receiver.
He's tapped into
the closed-circuit TV.
I can't hear what you're saying,
but I've tapped into the TV line.
That wasn't very nice, Ramsay.
How'd he do that?
You're probably wondering
how I did that.
- What do you want?
- I want my girl.
I know she's there.
I want you to turn her over to me.
No way.
If you don't, I'll kill her.
And then I'll kill you.
You can't run away, Ramsay.
I'll find you.
My little machines will
find you wherever you go.
- Why's he want the girl?
- Maybe she has the templates.
- Marvin, can you get me a little bug?
- Yeah, I got it for you.
You were supposed to catch him.
And how are you?
- You were supposed to catch him!
- I tried.
Well you didn't, shithead!
I feel bad about it too.
Not half as bad as I do.
You really screwed up.
He got away.
You know where that leaves me?
He's smart, you know?
He's gonna know how you found him
at the hotel room because I told.
And he's gonna be so mad...
What am I gonna do now?
- We'll take care of you.
- Sure you will.
We'll move you to a safe place.
You'll move me to a safe place?
And where is that?
There is no safe place.
Not from him.
- Sure there is.
- No, there isn't!
What does it take to get
through to you?!
He sees everything.
He knows everything here.
Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?
Why is he looking for you, Jackie?
How do I know?
We better move you.
Beginning debug scan.
Scan complete. No bugs detected.
Beginning debug scan.
Scan complete. No bugs detected.
- Purse, Jackie.
- Not again.
- Come on.
- I'm clean.

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