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don't have anything to do with this.
He said he would kill me if
I didn't get them tonight!
He would kill me the way...
...he killed Johnson and the others.
He's evil, I'm telling you!
Where's this Luther now?
- A meeting.
- What meeting?
- I don't know! I'm not involved...
- Where is he?!
The Ritz Hotel.
Ritz Hotel.
The presidential suite.
Two guys with him and two girls.
They've got an EVS scrambler on,
so we can't hear or see shit.
Where exactly are they?
Can't determine where without
a probe, and they'll pick that up.
- You using passives only?
- Passives only.
- All the exits and elevators covered?
- We don't have enough people.
This guy's a killer.
I'm not gonna let him get away.
Something's going on in there.
- I better go in.
- You taking responsibility?
You okay about this?
- Yeah, fine.
- You sure?
It's more interesting than traffic.
I'm gonna go in first
and when you hear me...
...you come in.
- Okay.
Honey, did I leave my purse out there?
Did I leave my purse out there or not?
Are you listening to me?
He's not even there.
Don't shoot, please.
Please don't shoot.
Come on, now.
Nobody move.
Nobody move.
Just stay cool.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You said there wouldn't be trouble.
Nobody move. Jack?
Right here.
Okay, let's take it easy.
Everybody move real slow,
and we won't have any trouble.
Drop it, sucker.
I said, "Drop your gun."
I'm not kidding, asshole.
Drop your gun.
Now kiss your ass goodbye!
Police! Hold it!
I'm okay. Get him.
- Where?
- The stairs!
Officer down, inside.
Call for backup.
They're on the roof!
It's all right. It's all right.
You're okay.
The coroner's office has authorised
the removal of the bodies.
- Come on.
- She's a witness, Billy.
- May we have a word with you?
- Go away.
- Later.
- I want to talk to you.
Chief, any further comment?
No, there's no comment right now.
- How is it, kid?
- Fine.
Didn't even break any bones.
I'm going to the hospital.
They'll take the bullet out there.
Take it out there?
That's right, in case
she starts bleeding.
But you can't move her.
Hold on a minute. Come here.
Take a look at that screen again.
That's not a bullet.
It's an unexploded microshell.
It can go off anytime.
- It can blow her whole arm off...
- That's right.
You gotta take it out here.
Don't move her.
- The chief wants your ass.
- I know.
Just sit tight.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm trying not to breathe.
You do that.
Look at this. Look.
Those two dead hoods?
We got a make off the prints.
Tommy Aracaro, degree in
electrical engineering, Cal Tech.
- Great.
- And...
...Luigi Bandini, degree in
solid state physics, M.I.T.
These guys are high-tech shoppers.
But what are they buying?
- Good question.
- Now, Ramsay!
Get over here, Ramsay.
- Who the hell do you think you are?
- It's my operation.
It's a runaway operation?
No runaways in that room.
You screwed up good. We've got
two dead officers, understand?
Two dead cops!
Two wounded, one of them
your own partner.
We got two dead Guinea punks!
And nobody knows what it's all about!
- I know what it's about. It's about this.
- What is this?
It's some kind of new bullet,
like a guided missile.
It can go...
What the hell is this?!
Disarm robot.
There's an unexploded fragment.
You can't use that thing on her!
- They sent for it.
- They screw up all the time.
- We have to. It's a live shell.
- It'll screw up!
Lt'll blow her arm off.
- Can't you get a CVD?
- There's none available.
It's over a year old and,
they were never any good!
Jesus Christ, you've got
nerve to complain!
Haven't you done enough for one day?
- I'll get the bullet out.
- You?
I'll disarm the goddamn bullet.
Get it out of here!
All right, clear out.
We've got a disarm job.
Clear out!
Can you get them to clear out?
I want Tensolite shields!
I want blast pads!
I want to clear the fucking room now!
Ramsay! You're

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