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Please be careful.
What was that?
Monodichromate dense pack...
...the arson special.
What the hell is this all about?
I don't know.
This isn't a runaway.
This is murder.
Jack, you got a call.
You're gonna love it.
He said you were gonna love it.
Come on, this way, guys.
You have a lot of robots here.
This is nothing. You should see
the construction project over on Main.
There aren't any people working there
at all, just hundreds of robots.
No coffee breaks, no union hassles.
So, what's the problem?
Gone nuts!
It's stacking where there's
no place to stack.
It's on the 18th floor.
Come on, I'll show you.
Have one of your people shut it off.
Our insurance doesn't cover it.
Looks pretty open.
Robots don't need doors. Come on.
How about I take this one?
Yeah, I think this one's all yours.
No problem. I worked construction
at one time.
Of course.
I'm on the 18th floor.
It's pretty windy up here.
I can see the stack er now.
We're looking for...
I found the junction box
but can't find the switch.
I got it! No problem!
I turned it off!
Jack, do you read me?
I got it!
Think it's better than it was
when people did all this work?
But machines always break down.
I'll tell you how it is.
Nothing works right.
Relationships and people
don't work right.
People make machines,
so why should machines be perfect?
- Because they're machines.
- Yeah?
Well, that's not the way it is.
- Hi, Sally.
- Hi, Jack.
- How's the new car?
- It's in the shop.
You're kidding.
Did you check the door recorder?
No, not yet.
- Is it clean in here?
- Yeah, it's clean.
Hi, Mary. It's Sally.
I guess you're not home.
I came by to see if you wanted to
go to that ceramics class.
Call me when you get in. Bye.
Hi, Dave?
I'm a little nerv ous
about our project and...
Meet me at the office, will you?
It's important. Really.
Okay? Okay.
This is Acme Robot Repairs.
We got a call...
...that one of your 912s was not
functioning, and I'm...
It's been erased.
Yeah, but not completely.
This is Acme Robot Repairs.
We got a call...
...that one of your 912s was not
functioning, and I'm...
I wanna know who this guy is.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
I'm glad you're satisfied.
I'm delighted. I'm ecstatic.
That's good. Good!
Where are the chips?
Be very careful with these chips,
Dr. Luther. They're very dangerous.
I know.
That's why they're so valuable.
Valuable to whom?
The Mafia, terrorist organizations,
foreign agents.
Anyone who'll offer me
the most money.
Well, then...
...how about my money?
...these aren't all the chips.
And where are the templates
to make more?
The rest of the chips and templates
are locked in a safe.
We'll give you the key
after Johnson and I get paid.
Have you seen Johnson?
He didn't come in today.
It's terrible,
what happened to his family.
It's a tragedy.
Would you like me to pay now, Harry?
I really would.
I thought so.
I brought the money with me.
Sentry, on rounds!
Dr. Luther?
Damned, evil son of a bitch!
- He's still in there?
- Came an hour ago.
I bet he's the only
electrical engineer there.
- What room?
- 404. Fourth floor.
Coffee, black.
Keep an eye on the elevator.
Drop it, Johnson!
- Now!
- Okay! Yeah, okay!
You are the cops.
Who were you expecting?
You got a suitcase packed.
You got an alarm and a gun.
You got a permit for this?
Come on.
What are you gonna do?
Take you to the station
for questioning.
Is this about the robot?
Yeah, it's about the robot.
Come on.
- I can't go out there.
- Why not?
- I can't go!
- Sure you can.
I can't go out!
Dispatch, this is Runaway 2!
What the hell are you trying to do?
Come here.
We're the police!
He had different eyes, hm?
Is that him?
Face was narrower.
The eyes were squintier.
More like that?
Pretty close.
That's a lot like him.
That's good.
It's picking up diphenyl

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