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bring the other templates.
Just you alone.
- No tricks this time.
- Where?
Go down main street to...
- right to sentises
construction site.
Don't worry,
the spiders won't hurt you!
Dad? Are you coming to get me?
Better have the templates this time.
- I do.
- Drop your gun.
Now get on the elevator!
Come on, ramsay!
Let him go. Now!
Of course.
Get on the elevator.
I want to stay with you, dad.
Get on the elevator, son.
Push the down button.
Stay away from the edge!
The templates, ramsay!
After he's down.
After he's safe.
There's a little problem about that.
I can't have any witnesses.
The spiders have been programmed to
kill the first one off the elevator.
They'll let you in.
But they won't let you out.
There's nothing you can do!
Stop the elevator!
Push the button!
What's the matter?!
Stop the elevator!
Push the button!
They don't work!
None of them work!
You can't stop it.
I fixed the elevator.
Look on the monitor.
It's a better view.
Ever see them kill somebody?
It's really impressive.
They're loaded with acid.
Come on, kid.
You bastard!
That's good, ramsay.
But not good enough.
Enjoy the view?
It's okay, son.
It's okay.
You all right?
Yeah, i'm okay.
You go to the car.
Tell lois you're all right.
You look awful.
I think i've overcome
my fear of heights.
- Hurt much?
- No, i'll get it taken care of.
How about dinner?
Just because you're a woman
shouldn't make a difference, right?
Can you cook?
Try me.

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