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out of here.
- He wants these. He'll come.
- Sushi is here.
See, doesn't that look good?
You had the tekka maki.
Let me speak to her, ramsay.
Where are you?
Don't be an asshole.
I'm like you, having dinner.
You might say, a night on the town
with your partner.
Come on, come on, hurry up.
Officer thompson was nice enough
to lend me her headset.
Move a little, dear,
so he can see the gun.
Take a seat with jackie.
Come on.
- Two for dinner?
- That's right.
This way, please.
Be cool.
We don't want any shooting
in a place like this, do we?
- No.
- Good boy.
- Just don't get too nervous.
- I won't.
I beg your pardon, sir?
Nothing. This is fine.
All right, now give jackie
the templates.
Would you like something from the bar?
Nothing, thank you.
- I'll be back with the menus.
- Could you give us a few minutes?
Now send jackie over to me.
Send thompson first.
What's the matter, sergeant?
Don't you trust me?
Come on,
i haven't got all night.
It's my insurance policy.
Send thompson.
At the same time.
Go ahead, jackie.
Good bye, darling.
Sweet dreams.
Do you think i'm stupid?
What's the matter?
These aren't all of them.
Nobody does that to me.
So he got away.
And he stiffed the girl.
- That's right.
- That's good.
That's excellent work. What's next?
- Can't screw that up.
- Nothing...
...because i planted a bug on him.
- We'll pick it up anytime now.
- You hope.
What is it?
- They got a signal from the bug.
- Where?
City hospital. He must have got hurt.
Got enough people here?
They'll pick you up.
- Where is he?
- In the john.
Clear those civilians out. Let's go.
You stay here.
Where the hell did he go?
Congratulations. You just
staked out toilet paper.
Go through the usual routines.
Maybe we'll find something.
We'd better go.
You wanna watch the door?
Where's the chief?
Where'd you get those idiots
for the stakeout?
- It was amateur night.
- We blew it.
I'll say you did.
We should have had him.
You didn't find him, huh?
He's good.
You better look at this.
Oh, god.
It's busy.
What happened?
Her voice module's broken.
See if you can patch it.
Wasn't she watching the door?
Don't try to speak, lois.
- She's lost hydraulic fluid.
- She's okay...
...if she keeps power to
her memory circuits.
- Bobby.
- Hit the reset.
Bobby was on the phone when an
unpleasant man came in the back door.
What about bobby?
He forced bobby to leave with him.
- How long ago?
- My clock's disconnected.
- I do not know the amount of time.
- Did he say anything?
He left no...
let me see that.
I'm really sorry.
I am really sorry.
Dinner will not be
painted in time.
- We're not here to answer your call.
- I can't get it patched.
May i show you to the door?
I think that's it.
- Lois, do an internal diagnostic check.
- Beginning check now.
What'd you do with my son?
Listen, sucker.
Yeah, i'm listening.
If you wanna see your boy alive,
bring the other templates.
Just you alone. No tricks this time.
I'll be there.
Where we going?
- Alone.
- I'm your partner.
He'll know if you come.
I'll wait in the car.
Listen! He'll know.
I'm not taking any chances with bobby.
Where you gonna meet him?
You promise not to follow me?
I promise.
- And you won't call anybody?
- I won't.
Diagnostic check completed.
There is a malfunction.
- Please check battery connections.
- Sure.
Thank you.
- Is this it?
- Yes.
What'd you do with my son?
Listen, sucker.
Yeah, i'm listening.
If you wanna see your boy

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