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was gonna be
a data programmer...
...but I didn't like sitting down.
Then I started...
Runaway 2, we have a 709 alert.
- To the Police Academy.
Runaway 2, we have a 709 alert.
Runaway 2, Runaway 2,
we have a 709 at Fifth and Sumter.
What's a 709?
It means people have died.
Oh, God!
- Hey, Jack.
- What's up?
A model 912 cut up two people inside,
wife and her sister.
Bodies are over here. They managed
to run out before they died.
- Anything else?
- There's a 10-month-old kid inside.
- Dead?
- No. The kid's in a crib.
Maybe that's why,
but it hasn't touched the kid yet.
- We gotta save that kid, Jack.
- Tell me.
What was the weapon?
Pathologist said it was probably
an ordinary kitchen knife.
We kept them for you to see.
Let's get them out of here,
or they'll be on the news.
What've you done?
Power cut, white light bath,
white sound bath.
- Floater?
- No.
- Can you prep one for me?
- Right now.
What have you got on the 912?
It's a new domestic model.
Does housework, cooks meals,
answers doors.
- Run on house current?
- Batteries.
What kind of sensors?
Sees and hears everything.
- Is it standard?
- May be modified.
Anytime you change them,
who knows how they'll behave?
The father's over there.
Electronic engineer, name of Johnson.
- You got that floater yet?
- We're programming it now.
We'd like a direct feed
off your floater.
- That's impossible.
- The public has a right to know.
We got a 10-month-old baby in there.
The rest of the family's
been cut up...
...and we don't know if
the 912 will attack the child.
I'm sure you don't want
a carved-up baby on your network.
We can be the judge
of what's newsworthy.
Yeah, I know. Not tonight.
The first confirmation from
Sgt. Ramsay of Runaway...
The first confirmation from
Sgt. Ramsay of Runaway...
...that there is a baby inside,
still alive.
Police are preparing
a floater camera...
...to enter the house to locate
the runaway 912 and the infant.
I can't see.
Lights on in the house.
Hit the house lights.
- Where's the baby?
- In the playroom, near the back.
How big's this 912, anyway?
About the size of a hatbox.
- Look.
- It dropped the knife.
Maybe the battery power's fading.
- You get an audio?
- Confirmed as a.357 Magnum.
- The bastard's got a gun.
- Now what?
- I'm going in.
- We can send a disarm robot in.
It hit the floater, it'll hit
the disarm, and it'll hit the kid.
I want light lines out here.
No audio, no radio, no nothing.
I don't want it to know
what we're doing.
Mr. Johnson?
Mr. Johnson?
I'll be going in your house soon
to get your baby.
What modifications were made
to the robot?
I didn't make any modifications.
I didn't touch that thing.
Then why has it gone out of control?
Well, how should I know?
You think I should have some idea
why it's doing this?
Take it easy. I'm just asking.
Well, don't ask! I don't know!
What about the gun?
- It's got a gun?
- Yes.
- Oh, my God, he's crazy.
- Who's crazy?
- My God, he's crazy.
- Who's crazy?
No television! No pictures!
I won't be on television!
No pictures!
No television!
What was his problem?
Yeah, he was really upset.
That was very hot stuff.
Sgt. Ramsay is wearing
his electromagnetic scatter suit.
He apparently is going in.
What is your next move now?
I really can't say.
It looks as if you're going in
after the robot.
You're broadcasting on an
electromagnetic frequency...
...that the robot reads.
Let's get out of here, John.
This is exciting.
Our own John Wilson...
...is accompanying Sgt. Ramsay
into the house...
...for exciting live coverage
of the runaway robot.
I'm coming out with the kid.
It's all right, darling.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Here you go. Where's the father?
He disappeared.
He disappeared?
With his own kid still in there?
After two tense hours and the
tragic death of a KBEX cameraman...
...it was all over
when Sgt. Ramsay...
That was


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