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Take you to the station
for questioning.
Is this about the robot?
Yeah, it's about the robot.
Come on.
- I can't go out there.
- Why not?
- I can't go!
- Sure you can.
I can't go out...!
Dispatch, this is runaway 2!
What the hell are you trying to do?
Come here.
We're the police!
He had different eyes, hm?
Is that him?
Face was narrower.
The eyes were squintier.
More like that?
Pretty close.
That's a lot like him.
That's good.
It's picking up diphenyl compounds
and tetrahydrocarbons.
Tetras are explosive and diphenyls
are solid propellant...
...like they use in rockets.
How big did you say
these missiles were?
About that big.
And they went around corners?
Who was this guy?
His name's johnson,
electronic engineer.
- Where did he work?
- A company called vectrocon.
Welcome to vectrocon
security systems.
A retinal identification check is
required to proceed.
Retinal identification is
now being carried out.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Retinal identification is
now confirmed.
How can we help you?
I need data files.
Data files for what person?
Employee david johnson.
One moment.
I will search the records.
That's a pretty good voice.
What is it, a 5590?
Yeah, it's a 5590 processor,
but with a z-77 phonetic rom.
Gives it that lifelike tone.
Thank you for waiting.
David "dave" johnson is 32 years old.
He has been with the company
four years.
A graduate
in electronic engineering.
He has worked on several projects:
The vectrocon security system,
the phantom missile...
... and a laser-guided
smart bomb.
For the past year, he has worked
in special projects.
Dave enjoys skiing,
biking and water sports.
- It's a standard pr bio.
- What'd you expect?
- It's no good to me.
- It's what you requested.
What do you wanna know?
This vectrocon security project.
What about that?
- That information is classified.
- Keep quiet.
- Do you wish to disconnect?
- How do i find out?
- We have a call.
- Have another unit take it.
Yeah, but our call is right here.
- On my way.
- In this building?
You wanna handle this?
It seems like we got a runaway.
All right!
Anybody there?
Who is she?
Jackie rogers, one of
the executive secretaries.
Hello? Can anybody hear me?!
We hear you, miss rogers.
This is sergeant ramsay.
Will you guys get me out?
This damn robot won't let me pass.
He's zapped me twice.
Can you see that?
You just sit tight, miss rogers.
She's very attractive.
- Should she be in there?
- Maybe she's working late.
Let's see the runaway.
A 577 sentry?
Yeah, 577 with office-checking
routines onboard.
Got it. Insulated wheels, steel hull.
- Delivers taser shocks only?
- Standard issue.
We don't modify them.
We run them as they come.
Supposed to voice-inactivate
with a code.
Do you know the code?
Sentry. Input. Vetro.
Zip off. 891. clipper.
I've already tried that.
It isn't responding.
With these sentries,
the temperatures get too high...
...and they pop their chips
right off the motherboard.
Would you guys please do something?
All this thing can do is
deliver shocks? What level?
Sting level only.
Irritating, but it can hurt.
No bio, cardiac, nothing.
Want me to get
the insulation and padding?
- Are you sure?
- I'll knock this baby off quick.
Miss rogers, this is sergeant ramsay.
I'll be right with you.
You just sit tight.
Thank you.
I thought you got armed before
you went up against a runaway.
I think he's in love.
You just stay put, miss rogers.
This will only take a minute.
Better watch out for him.
I think i know what i'm doing.
It's set for stun, not sting level.
I noticed.
- Want


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