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- Exactly!
- To the hospital, Maria Konstantinovna.
Well, brother Janizary...
We are done...
And what a lovely battle it was!
I won in vint a white felt cloak...
White, white...
...like snow.
It was a lovely battle,
brother Janizary!
Stop, stop!
Viva! Don't you recognize me?
Excuse me...
I am Tihiy. I almost hanged you
in Crimea, do you recall?
You are so inattentive to people!
I humbly ask for 10 - minute
confidential conversation,
considering our old acquaintance.
- Be brief. I am leaving for Paris.
- I won't delay you, Your Excellency!
- I am listening.
- I will be brief.
My perspective is an almshouse. Too bad.
- I have a principle not to lend anyone.
I don't ask. Not due to the pride, but
because I know who I am dealing with.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
I want to work.
- I am sorry, but I don't need you.
- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't!
- Yes, you do, you do!
Let me explain.
I made a huge study
to clarify the political picture
among emigration.
I gathered data about many people
that might be of interest.
Excuse me, but what does it have to do with me?
I am not in the least interested.
I have processed and registered the collected
data in relation of intellectual qualities,
as well as the peculiarities and
features of characters!
This will give certain guarantee of not
making a mistake while using a person.
Well, this is smart, but what do I have
to do with it? I am not interested in politics.
Yet, out of mere curiosity -
let me read it!
- Well, only if out of curiosity...
- Out of mere curiosity...
Here, for example. So...
Gregory Lukyanovich Charnota...
Due to the lack of time
and not to tire you,
I will read selectively...
For example, the "merits" column,
"Landowner. In 1918
lost his manor and stud farm in Chernihiv.
Was at war, in theory healthy.
Sly. Brave. Lucky in cards."
In total 107 merits.
And here is the "Weaknesses" column.
"Drinks... Hot-tempered. Straightforward.
Sly. Brave."...
- Excuse me, you've just listed
these characteristics as merits!
- That's right! Sly and brave are both
merits and weaknesses,
depending on the situation.
Let me continue.
Thank you for entertainment and
I won't keep you any longer.
I am sorry, I didn't keep within the time...
I strongly ask for 3 minutes more!
Here is this folder...
The title is "Paramon Ilych Korzukhin".
- Me?
- That's right. Excuse me, Your Excellency.
- Well, it's curious.
- Allow me to skip the biography,
I hope you know it. - Yes, I do.
- Here is a curious article.
"Political beliefs". It's written:
"Is not interested in politics..."
It is generally known.
You do not need to be very perspicacious to...
- It's true, but I have
a footnote in this article.
- What?
A footnote!
- Oh, a footnote!
- That's right. Here it is:
"Connected with organizations aiming to
restore the overthrown system in Russia.
In the recent months had 7 informal
meetings with persons concerned."
- I did?
- That's true, you did!
"Finances a newspaper in Russian
through men of straw... "
- Enough!
- Yes, sir!
- What can you do?
- Everything!
Shoot, cook halvah, shoe a stallion,
open a safe, falsify documents,
assist in childbirth, write an article...
sing... in the choir.
Tenors sing: "Those evening bells..."
We sing: "Bom-bom..."
They: "Those evening bells...",
and we: "bom-bom,
how many a tale
their music tells..."
Of youth, and home,
and those sweet time...
- Yes, sir!
- You moved me. What is your full name?
- Just Tihiy.
You are an intelligent person,
Mr. Tihiy.
I will think what I can do for you.
I need faithful people.
Remember - faithful.
- Allow me one question, Your Excellency.
- Please.
Do you have any doubts that I would have
hanged you, if oredered respectively?
Not in the least.
I am certain of that.
- Your Excellency...
- Eat, eat!
- Thank you!
- Did you hear?
- Yes, sir!

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