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Maybe this is the best outcome.
Seat down!
You see, soldier, you just got under
the wheel and it ground you down!
Broke your bones!
It's no use following me,
do you hear?
- Are you talking to me?
- What?
Who are you talking to?
Now we'll understand.
To no one, to myself.
- You are crazy...
Listen, you!
She isn't coming.
She was shot!
Do me a favour, shoot!
Who is she to you, a lover?
No, a person I met accidentally.
But I love her.
- Was she shot?
- By no means!
- What happened to her?
- Quiet!
In that case, why
haven't you brought her?
- I am sorry...
- Speak in his presence.
- Major-General Charnota burst into counter-intelligence,
and recaptured the arrested by force and took her.
- Where to?
- Quiet! Where to?
- To the steamboat "Knight".
It departured at 5 o'clock.
So she is alive.
Your woman Serafima is alive.
Captain, take the flag
and board on the "Prelate".
- Yes, sir!
Take me with you
to Constantinople!
Damn! Some Serafima,
We should hurry!
Everyone else has run away...
- So?
- Done!
Three the most expensive coffins,
as ordered.
And a varnished catafalque,
with tassels.
- And this...
- Your Excellency, the coffin-maker is here
- And you wait as well, brother.
- Yes, sir.
Now I will announce my last order
to the regiment.
Soldiers and officers!
We have nothing left - neither the flag,
nor the army, nor the Motherland.
I've been leading you by the road of lies.
It is my fault, my sin.
I will atone for it!
God help you...
to survive the Russian hard times.
We voluntarily chose
this end.
This is an honor, gentlemen!
We have a favour to ask, my dear.
Three people need to be buried.
Rest assured, Your Excellency,
everything will be done first class,
in spite of the situation.
Where are the deseased?
- How can I explain...
We need to be buried.
- Who?
- We!
We won't wrong you, will pay generously.
Only honestly perform your duty.
Captain, give the money.
Spare me, Your Excellency,
let me go, I am innocent!
Don't be afraid, my dear, no one
wants to harm you. On the contrary -
you'll get a fortune.
This is your job after all!
With pleasure, of course, but...
Who is to be buried?
- You fool, you'll bury who we tell you!
- Captain, without manhandling, please!
I am sorry, Your Excellency.
We, my dear, we are to be buried!
These gentlemen here and I!
I see...
I accept.
Are you nuts, scoundrel?
He isn't shaven. It's better to shave
alive, then it'll be more difficult.
This isn't your business!
Shut up!
- Wait outside.
- Yes, sir.
- See to it that he does everything!
- Yes, sir!
Gentlemen, maybe someone of you...
has changed his mind?
I appreciate, gentlemen!
Captain, you smell like a wine barrel!
Shame on you!
Let us.
The first!
- The second.
- The third!
Captain, this is basely!
- What is your name?
- Petka Sheglov.
End of Part OneTHE FLIGHT
Based on works
by Mikhail BULGAKOV
Literary consultant
Screenplay and directed
by Alexander ALOV
Screenplay and directed
Vladimir NAUMOV
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Sound Engineer R.KAZARYAN
Producers K. STAROSTIN,
English subtitles by
Maria Kurchatova Lopes Pereira
Serafima Korzukhina - Ludmila SAVELIEVA
Sergei Golubkov - Alexei BATALOV
General Charnota - Mikhail ULIANOV
Lyuska - Tatiana TKACH
Khludov - Vladislav DVORZHETSKY
Korzukhin - Eugeny EVSTIGNEEV
Also starring:
Krapilin - Nikolai OLYALIN
Tikhiy - Vladimir OSENEV
Golovan - Alexander YANVARYOV
Artur Arturovich, the Cockroach Tsar
Vladimir BASOV
Lichiko - Tamara LOGINOVA
Petka Scheglov - Alyosha NAUMOV
Greek the voluptuary - G. RONINSON
Antoine - S. KHITROV
Part Two
Doesn't break, doesn't wreck,

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