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General! You must,
do you hear, you must
take her with you!
Serafima Vladimirovna is sick!
I know you have some field hospital.
- Did you study in the university?
- Yes.
But you make an impression
of a completely uneducated person.
And if you get a bullet in your forehead,
will field hospital be of much help, civil worm?
We must take her! To leave
a beautiful woman to the Reds?
- I beg you!
- All right. Into the wagon!
Thank you! Dear, get up,
they let us, do you hear? We need to go!
You go, and I will lie down. It's hot.
I want to drink... to Petersburg...
- Oh Lord, what is it?...
- It's typhus alright!
Krapilin, persuade the lady.
- Just so, you should go!
- Krapilin, take her by force!
- Please, help me!
Where to, general? Won't you stand up for
the monastery that gave you shelter and salvation?
Don't upset me, old man! Tie the bells, men,
and hide underground!
Go ahead, don't wait for us.
What are you doing?
Krapilin, go away!
Let me go...
Excuse us.
Is it better?
Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet reports,
despite of estreme efforts,
Azov flotilla can not
leave Taganrog.
The 12 degrees frost,
the ice is solid.
The flotilla isn't physically capable
to join the meant operation.
The absence of the fleet makes our
initiative on the left flang impossible.
The centre of impact is transferred
to the Turkish wall, frontal attack.
And Sivash with 15th and 52nd divisions move
to Perekop force's rear.
I will set the troops' tasks personally
in the initial positions.
The start of the operation is on the 7th,
at 10 p.m.
The commanders will receive
my instructions tonight.
That's it.
Any questions?
I doubt it.
I doubt infantry a lot,
comrade Commander of the Southern front.
Nine versts on the rotten sea -
they'll all freeze.
They'll transform in icicles on the coast,
instead of division.
And icicles can be broken with fingers!
Don't you doubt the infantry!
I can see through you, Bayev...
Horses aren't fish -
there's nothing for them to do in water.
- What do you suggest?
- To include cavalry into the assault troop.
My cavalry!
You're looking for glory, aren't you?
I've never run from glory in my
short Red life.
And now, on the eve of the third
anniversary of our revolution,
I am ready to clink glasses with you
and drink Sivash water,
if you are ready to share.
Share it, Brigade Commander.
You all may leave now.
- Don't forget the orchestra.
- I won't. How is it, Semen?
- I washed it.
- All right.
Superintendant and station master are required
to the front commander!
Sevastopol! Sevastopol!
but Frunze refused to represent
the assigned enemy during the maneuvers. Full stop.
This is neither a chess board nor the
unforgettable Czar Village. Full stop, signature: Khludov.
Codify it and send
to the Commander-in-chief!
Tragedies are beginning.
Armoured train is paralysed.
It walks on crutches.
Nobody likes us... nobody!
Thence a tragedy.
The oven smokes!
By no means.
No smoke!
I've been waiting for an hour for
the train to Taganash. What's wrong?
What's wrong?.. What's wrong?..
The station master calimed
that "The Officer" can't get through!
Did you claim that the train
can't get through?
That's true, Your Excellency!
No physical possibility!
After the sorting the road's blocked.
Then the second one smokes!
- At once! Put out the oven!
- Smoke! Smoke!
Somehow it seems to me that
you favour the bolshevicks.
Do not be afraid.
Be sincere with me.
Everyone has their own beliefs.
Your Excellency!
Why this suspicion?
I haven't slept for 30 hours!
I have children... Olya and Pavlik...
Sincere man, hum?
No, we need love. Nothing can be done
without it in the war.
They don't love me.
Find sappers. Push it, sort it...
The "Officer" should pass
the semaphore in 15 minutes!
If the order is not carried out,
shoot the superintendant
and hang the station master,
writing "Sabotage" under him.

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