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- And I am not here.
I have never been here,
I stayed there.
Now I am just coming back to myself...
Do you hear me?
Forgive me...
Sergey Pavlovich!
Go on!
Sergey Pavlovich!
- I forgot...
- What?
- A face.
- What face?
Of the boy in Sevastopol,
on the last day of the escape...
On the pavement.
Everything else has confused,
blended, gone... But I remember him.
But I forgot his face.
My God...
What was it all that happened
this year and a half?
Explain it to me -
why did we run?
Pillars on the platforms,
black sacks,
then heat...
I want to go to Liteyny street again,
I want to see...
snow again...
I want to forget everything
as if nothing has happened...
Nothing has happened indeed...
It was a dream.
We will make it...
It will snow again...
and will cover our footsteps...
I have remembered!
- What?
I've remembered his face.
What is this?
The horses are waiting for us.
It's time.
The End


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