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You've grown old...
And we thought you'd stayed there...
Where have you been?
Half a year in camps,
then I had typhus,
and now in Constantinople.
I've been looking for you,
Gregory Lukyanovich.
Do you remember, Serafima Vladimirovna
left Crimea with you?
She was sick...
Is she dead?
- No, she got well, she's alive...
She is here.
- Where is she?
Here, nearby,
she'll come soon.
She went to Pera...
- Where?
To hunt men! To Pera!
What are you staring at, docent!
We're starving.
We've hit the bottom, Seryozha...
And today she broke down
and went to Pera.
- How come?
- She went for the first time.
And I am drawn to Madrid...
I dreamt all night about Madrid...
Where are you going, docent?
Wait, Seryozha...
I found it!
- Where?
- What?
- Hold it.
- Yes, yes...
- Hello, Sergey Pavlovich.
- Hello, professor.
Would you please guard it!
- Quick!
Quickly, quickly!
- Haven't you seen a couple?...
- Get away!
Go up!
Quickly, quickly...
- It's locked!
- Let me, docent!
Gregory Lukyanovich,
let me introduce you...
Take my purse...
I have a wife, children,
a shop... - Away!
Mr. Greek...
I ran and swam,
only to find you...
I was in the hospital,
my head was shaven...
What are you doing here?
Answer me!
Who gave you the right
to reproach me?
I love you.
I am sorry.
Let's go, docent.
Thank you,
Alexander Nikolaevich.
It is time to go home.
All the best.
Thank you.
- Have a cheburek.
- Thank you.
Well, hello, Khludov.
Hello, Gregory Lukyanovich.
I see you're now a civilian,
like me.
What, no result today again?
No. Today I found her.
Found her...
Khludov, can you do me a favour?
Only you can help me now.
Find her.
- Where?
I do not know. Wherever you want.
Here, in the city, find her!
Give her to eat and don't let her go
until I come back.
- And you?
- I will go to Paris and find Korzukhin.
He must help her.
It was him who destroyed her...
Just don't let her go.
She won't escape from me.
Not without reason
one orderly said:
"No one can go past you".
God, pray for him.
Take it.
Sell it in case of extreme need.
And I will go with you.
I need to go somewhere.
I was thinking of Madrid, but...
Paris sounds somehow more decent.
- It's time.
- Let it be Paris.
- Let's go...
- I will show you...
Good morning, gentlemen beggars!
As they say, bonsoir!
Let me introduce myself:
Major-General Charnota!
Wait. Pardon, bonjour!
You see... Would you lend me
your trousers, please?
Translate it.
- Let's go!
- This was expected.
Well, let's try our luck
wearing dishabille.
I wish you good alms,
gentlemen beggars!
I will be back.
At night there will be another
cruise from Marseilles.
I will wake you up.
For how long are we going to go there?
It doesn't have sense.
They will not return.
- I will wake you up.
- Fine.
- Goodbye.
Roman Valerianovitch.
Roman Valerianovich!
Let me go!
I can't live here any more. Please!
I am tormented, I cannot sleep,
I am afraid of you! I hate you!
Let me go...
I have sold a ring...
There is money.
I invite you!
Cossacs dzhigit cavalry group under
the direction of captain Golovan!
Captain Golovan!
Yes, Your Excellency!
- Bring Krapilin to me!
- What's wrong with you, Roman Valerianovich?
- Bring Krapilin.
- Yes, sir!
Are you mad, Your Excellency?
All of them are here... around me.
I have put up with it.
But I don't understand...
How could you escape the long chain
of sacks and pillars?
How did you escape
from the eternal rest?
There were a lot of you,
you were not alone!
Pray for him, Lord.
Say something, soldier...
Don't be silent!
And what happened then?
Just darkness, nothingness, heat...
And you, hunter, followed me
to this far-away land
and caught me into the sack!
- Again?
What is it?
- Who are you talking

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