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me his file.
Widower. Flat-foot.
Excuse me! We met in Sevastopol.
I am Tihiy, do you recognize me?
That's good.
May I sit down?
Well, well, quite unnecessary
premature wrinkles...
I sympathize and understand you,
it is not easy to lose everything.
But I am ready to help you.
Let me explain my unequivocal proposal.
I give you money.
Naturally, the question is what I want
in return? The answer is nothing!
A scrap of paper, a receipt... Possibly
some little services in indefinite future.
I emphasize:
of pure business nature!
Estimate the prospect.
Option one: you agree.
And you get all the components
of the human existence:
oysters, cheese,
Chablis, floral perfume,
electric blue dress, restaurants
with good service, healthy stomach,
Love - it's up to your judgement.
The second option -
you refuse!
And what happens then?
Already mentioned wrinkles,
quick aging of your body...
Only a miracle can save you
from prostitution.
The proposal remains in force.
Viva, Your Excellency!
- Hello, rascal.
I am surprised with your
radical manners.
Although my proposal
applies to you as well.
Think, I do not hurry you up!
- There's nothing to think about!
I am an official...
I am an official,
I am authorized by...
Careful, stairs!
Damn it, I almost drowned!
Viva, Your Excellency.
- Hello, Lyusenka.
- Why are you so early?
If I were you, I would gad about
until night.
All the more, it's boring at home.
Neither food nor money...
Would you please
give me the money!
The catastrophe happened.
Where are the cartridges?
I sold them... sold...
I mean, wanted to sell...
I wanted to sell
and put them in the box...
And I left the box
in the Grand-Bazar...
- It was stolen.
- Yes...
Well then...
Grisha, do you know
who you are?
- Who?
- The lowest rascal!
- Shame on you...
- I am not ashamed!
- Shame on you!
- I am not ashamed,
because the box was bought
with my money! - You are my wife...
and money is ours!
The husband's money
is from devils sale,
and the wife's money is from selling
very different things.
- What did you say?
- Stop fooling around.
Last week I went to sing psalms
with the Frenchman.
Did anybody ask me where
I got those 5 liras?
We have lived through the whole week
with this money, you and me, and Serafima!
Overhearing doesn't suit you,
Serafima Vladimirovna.
Do not worry, Lyusya,
I will work it off.
Without nobleness, please.
Tomorrow the owner turns us out from the hotel,
we have nothing to eat, everything's sold.
He drove me to it!
Tell me - did you play it through?
- I did.
- For shame...
Understand my position,
I can't sell the devils.
I was at war!
So you were with the Frenchman?
You lie, lie!
Go to hell!
Don't be offended with my words.
I won't stay with nothing to eat,
I don't have principles!
I will not eat at your expense.
Stop it...
He'll sell the revolver.
- Well no...
I will sell my pants,
I will sell everything,
but not the revolver.
I can't live without revolver.
- It replaces your head!
Then eat at women's expense!
Lyuska, don't tempt me!
Only try to lay a finger on me,
I'll poison you at night.
What are you planning there?
Wait for me. But, please,
without fighting.
Sima! Sima!
Simka, where are you going?
Come back!
Serafima! Sima!
Simka! What a filthy city!
Bugs! Damn Bosporus! And you...
I hate you! And myself,
and all the emigrants!
Damned outcasts, I hate you...
- Silence!
That's it...
I've drained my cup
of Constantinople...
Farewell, Gregory Lukyanovich.
Our living together is over.
I wish you all the best.
Where are you going?
To Paris.
And wherever should I go now?
Whether to Madrid?
The Spanish city...
I haven't been there..
But I can bet it's
a god-forsaken hole...
Damned city!
Thank you, general.
Give me...
I am a General, I want to eat...
Give me...
Stop, stop tormenting my soul...

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