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welcome HOPES Honorary Chairman
Daizen Higashi-Oizumi
who'll speak to you
on this happy occasion.
What are you laughing at?
How could you laugh during
this solemn ceremony?
Straighten up, you pathetic fools!
Don't you realize the future
of Japan lies on your shoulders?
How dare you laugh
at such trifle matters?
If you laugh again, you're doomed.
Look straight into my face.
You there.
And you.
I said look!
Now please look this way.
From the moment
your wife puts on these undies,
your dull sex life
will change dramatically.
Transform into a beast,
transcend time
and sink into ecstasy!
You'll be having sex
like newlyweds.
"Darling, I can't wait for night time."
"Oh, please...
I'll cook anything you want."
Fools! I told you not to laugh.
Don't laugh!
Alright. Now look down.
Look down!
Alright, boys.
It's raffle time!
First Prize is a color TV.
Good luck for the turn of the wheel!
Hold on.
Come out. Come out.
Patience is gold.
What a pity.
5th Prize is a pack of tissues.
No golden ballies
in the wheely!
What's so funny?
Alright. You can look up now.
Don't laugh.
Don't laugh!
What happened?
Are you alright?
You jumped out of nowhere.
I'm so sorry.
Let's go to the hospital.
I'm alright.
Really, I'm fine.
One thing, though.
My foot hurts.
Beg your pardon?
My foot hurts.
Some medicine money.
Medicine money?
- Yes.
- I see.
1,000 yen.
Let's part with a smile.
- Thank you.
- Smile.
Take care.
Be careful.
An accident faker!
Get hit by car, an expensive one.
You do it!
You're younger.
Here comes one.
Damn. It turned!
What are you doing? Silly girl!
- It came from behind.
- What are you saying?
How come only you became a doll?
I wanna be one, too.
I'm an embarrassment.
What's that?
They must be rich.
That's it.
Welcome home, sir.
Must be the house owner.
The one in the student uniform
must be his son.
But he looks like a doll.
High class people
look as dignified as dolls.
You fool!
You still don't understand?
Don't ride my pony.
Sir, a call from Haguro Tradings.
Got the money?
Hello. Did you get the 200 million yen?
I'll send someone right away.
Hey, Kichijoji.
Get the money from Haguro.
Take it to Professor Ide.
Where's the chauffeur?
Bathroom, perhaps?
Pull him out!
I can drive.
Junior, it's dangerous.
I want to drive.
Junior, don't go.
Please don't do that.
He is the son.
Two morons from HOPES
will come and pick up the money now.
Are you the morons from HOPES?
Get the money.
I couldn't get it.
Excuse me.
Who the hell are you?
You're really terrific, Kameda.
Cool! Like a Matryoshka doll.
I am Professor Ide.
That hurts.
Sorry. Used your gag.
Money from Mr. Chairman.
Thank you.
I can develop a new project.
You're very sharp. You noticed that.
That robot performed well at the Gulf.
Want to see its performance?
Here it comes. Look!
Look at that!
It's super.
It's just great!
The robot might seem
bigger than it actually is.
Don't be ridiculous.
Actually, there's
something else I want you to see.
Let's go. This way.
I am Professor Ide.
Use this and give me the cross ball.
The ball is passed to Kichijoji.
Here come the cross ball.
Waits for the ball,
and it's a bicycle-kick.
What a miracle shot!
It's a goal.
Hey, wasn't that terrific?
I named it Mr. Bicycle-kick.
Coach Osim.
Choose me for the national team.
No need for praise.
Come see another one.
Shall we go?
Hey, Ms. Koenji.
We know you're inside.
We're from Daikoku Finance.
At least pay the interest.
I'll kill you, bitch.
We're no ordinary loan sharks.
Sell your kidney or liver.
We ain't doing this for charity.
Pay or else you'll be insured
and killed in the Philippines.
We know you're in there.
Come out.
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