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there would not be anything.
Allah is merciful.
Him the East, undoubtedly,
because this love is here.
Don't be played of me.
On no account. Your princess
has been sold like slave.
To a rich merchant from here.
But she/it fell
in a strange lethargy.
As dead, no doctor
don't manage to leave of it to him.
She/it asks
the genius of the swimming pool.
I am this genius!
You only can save it.
Where is she/it?
My genius,
will I ever see you again?
Approach me of her.
Why did you come?
To recover you.
Since when do you look for me?
The beginning of the times.
And now,
will you a long time remain?
Until the end of the times.
This dream...
My dream...
Still the same dream...
You don't dream.
Thin dish to this comedy.
Don't look at me so.
The suffering marked me.
For me your beauty
would not know how to tarnish,
she/it is eternal.
Your eyes are so strange,
loaded of pain.
One doesn't cross fire
without aftermath.
Leave, the master came back.
I will hide to you
and when he/it will doze,
she/it will come to see you.
Say nothing about you.
You also belong
to the princess henceforth.
Protect it for me.
He/it is blind!
He/it is in your power
to heal it.
A doctor exists
who will heal it to your demand.
Take me.
Is he/it here?
On this boat?
Yes, he/it waits for you.
[Skipped item nr. 586]
Open this door!
Open it!
Approach it.
More near.
How find you
your life of dog?
Curious that an unpleasant boy
makes a good dog.
Yes, Jaffar.
Still and again Jaffar.
Since you left your palace.
When you wandered
lost in the desert,
who guided you?
To the market to the slaves,
who bought to you?
Again Jaffar...
It is at home
that one watched over your sleep
and that you dreamed until the tip
your dream of love.
It is I that woke you up.
No... it is Ahmad.
One told to me
that there was a physician
who could heal it.
I am this physician.
To the very instant
where you will be in my arms,
Ahmad will see.
Take me in your arms.
My eyes!
Do you see there?
I am again Abu!
- Where she/it is?
- With Jaffar.
To what serves me the view,
without her?
You don't have anything else,
to part her?
I have the power to submit you
to my will.
But I want more.
I want your love.
Forget Ahmad.
He/it is not blinder.
For him,
the world overflows with women.
Me I am cursed,
I can only see you.
Small scatter-brained person!
Your life didn't even begin!
Ahmad forgot you.
It is Ahmad!
Whirl, winds of the sky!
and roar!
Why refuse you
to obey your destiny?
You behave like slave.
I am a slave.
You could order myself.
Demand what you want.
Would you bring back me to Bassora?
[Skipped item nr. 646]
[Skipped item nr. 647]
This place is only desolation.
It is the most beautiful garden of the world.
If ever flowers had,
they disappeared.
The swimming pool is blackened
by algaes.
One sees more there even
your reflection.
I don't search for
my own reflection.
I don't want to go to Baghdad
with Jaffar.
Let's see, my love...
I don't want!
Let's go, let's go...
If you don't want to go there,
you won't go.
No, ever.
Ever, ever...
so much that I will live.
What is it?
The latest magic toy.
The maid of money.
What can she/it make of other?
To hug you.
All my wives make it.
His/her/its embrace will stun you
as ever no woman
didn't make it will make it.
I could get rid
of mine
and to have some of the like that?
She/it tickles me!
We leave for Baghdad.
After two thousand years!
Two thousand years ago,
king Salomon,
Mr. of the Geniuses,
locked me in this bottle in.
It is the beginning
of my new liberty
and for you!
For you, it is the end
of your life.
Yes, of your life.
I am going to raise my foot
and to crush you
as the bug,
the worm that you are.
I came you out of the sea.

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