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Me then to forbid you it.
To tomorrow!
On every following day...
Did you see it?
We will be able to leave
this night.
I cannot leave.
You yet saw it again.
Exactly, for it
I cannot leave anymore.
Then I will leave alone.
How will avoid you keep them
without my help?
I will find a means.
You will make yourself take.
Do you remain with me?
Whereas you dream to leave?
Why would you remain?
Because I am as silly as you.
The following day,
Jaffar the usurper
makes visit
to the sultan of Bassora.
Brother of the Lions...
Fountain of hospitality...
I have the most beautiful
collection of automatons
from all over the world.
This one is the most remarkable.
He/it measures the time.
See how he/it functions.
Magic, this is not?
Dangerous, to not to put
between the people's hands.
If people
can measure the time,
you won't be anymore
the Mr. of the Time.
They will be interested in the time.
Very just.
They must not know.
Hold, look at which...
What thoroughness.
What precision.
What mastery.
I prefer them
so about my cases...
there is the most sublime of all.
Admire that.
I turn the key
and they make the same thing
every time,
as I hear it.
What doesn't make
still my topics
and I see myself obligated
to make decapitate them.
Magnificent collection
and nearly complete.
Nearly complete?
But, my collection
is quite complete.
Don't be mistaken.
I know that only a miracle
could complete
this magnificent collection.
He/it is
that this miracle exists.
An automaton
more beautiful than mine?
your interest on the subject,
I brought it with me.
Show it to me, quickly.
I am in a hurry to see that.
That I am in a hurry to see that!
If His/her/its Size
wants to carry up it.
What is he/it going to make?
Will II advance?
Will he/it rear?
Will II move the tail?
Is not he/it going to kick, hey?
I must confess
that I am nervous
so much that I don't know well
a horse.
He/it has a sacred spring.
Overlap it, I pray you.
Pull on the reins!
It is marvelous,
I am a bird!
I am the king of the birds!
I want it, I need it.
Demand what you want.
He/it is yours.
I don't ask
that a thing in return.
What you will want.
Your daughter.
My daughter?
Big God...
It is very troublesome.
Why my daughter?
To found a dynasty.
Of course, of course.
A dynasty...
I understand that.
Very pleasing.
I have myself tried
several times
and I only have a girl.
She/it is the personified misfortune.
His/her/its eyes are on familiar terms...
His/her/its eyes are sumptuous,
his/her/its eyebrows are such
of the crescent moons,
his/her/its body is slim.
What do you know of it?
- I saw it.
- Impossible.
- I saw it.
- Where?
In my ball of crystal.
That the devil carries away it!
That he/it carries away
all balls of crystal!
Are you magician?
I have some grants.
Don't tell to some more.
I need this horse,
you will have my daughter.
[Skipped item nr. 502]
Not question,
rather the death.
I will go to my sister,
in Samarkand.
She/it will protect me.
Turn over to the garden,
you will find there
the one that one took
for a genius.
Tell to him that I will wait for it
in Samarkand.
Well, mistress.
Your Size,
the princess is untraceable.
One searched the garden,
there were two beggars.
Bring them!
there are us face-to-face,
man to man.
A sword!
Allah will judge, noble sultan.
I say truly,
my eyes are witnesses of it.
My eyes!
I am blind!
Noble sultan,
I know the truth!
Learn that this man is!
And that is this one!
Son of dog...
By my magic incantation,
take the shape
of your forebears
and bark to the moon.
Such is my malediction:
You will remain a dog
and you, you will walk
in darkness
so much that she/it won't be
in my arms.
Here is, my benefactresses,
we browse the world
in search of a lost love,
no without hope,
because without hope

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