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Багдадский вор

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with the hunger pegged to the body.
Raise you, my friend.
Let's go back to Baghdad.
Are you completely silly?
My king would make himself/itself kill.
we won't be able to anything anymore.
You seem me
to be the prince of the thieves.
The breeze
will push us toward the liberty.
I possessed everything,
except the liberty.
And me, it is the opposite.
What are we going to make?
What you want.
In 3 days one will be in Bassora.
Take this stick and shoot!
I want to be a sailor
who sails on the sea
Life on dry land
let me a bitter taste
The aunts and the cousins
are not very shrewd
They give desire to be marine
or bandit of big path
I want to be a brigand,
have it understood you
To sail on the sea
it is my life
It is my life...
Abu! Bassora!
Bassora... That it is beautiful!
Зhave felt so good!
Of the pancakes!
You are indeed silly.
Зhas eaten himself with the honey.
How to steal it?
One already has that,
Allah will provide there also.
Do you want the honey?
- One intends to buy some.
- A jar.
A jar?!
If he/it is good.
It is the best.
Easy to say,
I must first taste.
I saw better.
What do you say of it?
No, not good enough.
Зhas lack of flavor.
Take care of your bees!
Say, old man,
what is this palace?
The one of the sultan, let's see!
You know well,
the palace of the one thousand toys.
Of where take yourselves,
beggars of nothing at all?
The sultan has the most beautiful
collection of the world.
Of the toys?
The sultan is aged
and he/it falls again in childhood.
He/it stays up more jealously
on his/her/its toys
that on his/her/its own girl.
I told to some enough.
Out of my path,
bags to fleas.
Allah is with you.
I question some.
[Skipped item nr. 320]
Release me!
The princess arrives!
- Does reason flee one?
- One risks the death.
She/it must not be seen
before his/her/its marriage.
Is she/it so ugly?
She/it is beautiful
as a star!
Release me!
- Spin!
- Where?
Up there!
Your appetite will cost us life.
Without eating one dies.
Abu, there they are!
I must see it again.
I spoke to Sinbad the sailor,
he/it takes us on his/her/its boat.
I ever imagined some of as beautiful.
He/it leaves to the next tide.
I cannot leave.
I must see it again.
All my life I dreamed
to leave on a big boat.
I cannot leave.
I must see it again.
If you see it again,
after you will follow me?
I will follow you.
Oh my poor heart
who palpitates so strong
curb your transportation
Because it is necessary for us to wait
of the men
this famous tender word
And when, oh my heart,
This one makes itself hear
Beat the chamade and venerate
This word that would be able to
to be sincere
[Skipped item nr. 354]
He/it is sufficient.
It is as heavy
that the air of noon.
Let's wait for the nightingale of in the evening.
To the swimming pool!
A genius!
Don't go there!
II has a genius there!
A genius!
Are you afraid?
Yes, frightfully.
Why don't you flee?
I want to see.
You are my first genius.
Then, observe me well.
It is not necessary to lie to a genius.
You are not ugly.
Are you a good genius?
Not indeed.
The good geniuses are overwhelming.
Do you live thereunder?
- Why are you there?
- To see you.
I was going to bathe.
I wait.
Whereas you are there?
Give me your hand, in water.
You left!
I didn't want.
Will I ever see you again?
Don't be afraid,
I am not a genius.
Who are you?
Your slave.
From where do you come?
On the other side of the time,
to find you.
Did you look for me since when?
The beginning of the times.
And now,
will you a long time remain?
Until the end of the times.
For me,
you are what of more beautiful has.
He/it is not
of bigger pleasure for me
that the one to satisfy you.
You will be there
tomorrow at the same hour?
A gardener supervises this park
day and night,
he/it is called the Death.
You must not come.
Prohibit me from coming.
Багдадский вор Багдадский вор

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