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there's something you can do.
I'm doing everything I can...
and stop calling me Shirley.
Randy, are you all right?
Oh, Dr Rumack.
I'm scared.
I've never been so scared...
And besides,
I'm 26 and I'm not married.
We're going to make it.
You've got to believe that.
Dr Rumack, do you have any idea
when we'll be landing?
Pretty soon. How are you bearing up?
To be honest,
I've never been so scared,
but at least I have a husband.
Stay in formation.
Target's just ahead.
Target should be clear
if you go in low enough.
You'll have to decide.
You'll have to decide.
You'll have to decide.
Stay in formation.
Target's just ahead.
Target should be clear
if you go in low enough.
You'll have to decide.
You'll have to decide.
You'll have to decide.
Oh, rats! Lost number four.
What happened? What went wrong?
I forgot to check the oil pressure.
When Kramer hears about this,
the shit's going to hit the fan.
I told him to watch that
oil temperature. What's he doing?
Stiker, that plane can't land itself.
Ease off. It's not his fault.
It could happen to any pilot.
It happened to Barbara Stanwyck.
Can't push him too hard. Might break.
Remember who you're dealing with.
Nick, Pete, Jerry,
there's a fire in the barn.
He's right.
I can't take the pressure.
I was crazy to think
I could land this plane.
- But, Ted, you're the only...
- I don't care.
I don't have what it takes.
They would be better off with someone
who's never flown before.
Bad news. Fog's getting thicker.
And Leon's getting larger.
I know what you're going to say,
so save your breath.
Well, I don't have a thing to say.
You've done the best you could.
You really have. The best you could.
We can't expect to win them all.
I want to tell you something I've
kept to myself through these years.
I was in the war. Medical corps.
One night, they brought in
a badly wounded pilot from one raid.
He could barely talk.
He looked up at me, he said,
"The odds were against us there,
but we went in anyway.
"I'm glad.
Captain made the right decision."
The pilot's name was George Zip.
George Zip said that?
The last thing he said to me,
"Doc," he said, "Sometime...
"...the crew is up against it.
"The breaks are beating the boys.
"Tell them to give it all they've got
"and win just one for the Zipper.
"I don't know
where I'll be then," he said...
"but I won't smell too good,
that's for sure."
Excuse me, doc.
I've got a plane to land.
You'd better stay up there a bit.
When the fog lifts,
we'll bring you in.
I'll take it, Elaine.
Listen, Dr Rumack says the sick
people are in critical condition.
Every minute counts.
We've got to land now.
Don't be a fool, Striker. You know
what landing like this means.
I'm ordering you to stay up there.
No dice, Chicago.
I'm giving the orders,
and we're coming in.
I guess the foot's
on the other hand now.
He'll never make it in this soup.
But it's his ship now.
He's in charge.
He's boss, head man, top dog,
big cheese, head honcho...
Captain, look at this.
"Passengers certain to die."
"Airline negligent."
There's a sale at Penny's!
I'll need three men in the tower.
You, Neubauer, you, Macias.
Me John. Big tree.
Striker, we're going to the tower.
Good luck.
They're going to the tower.
The tower! The tower!
Rapunzel! Rapunzel!
Stewardess, how soon till we land?
It won't be long now.
Try not to worry.
We're all ready, sir.
Captain McCroskey,
this is Captain Roberts.
Captain Kramer,
this is Captain Colosimo.
Captain Hinshaw,
this is Captain Gantz.
Captain Kramer, Captain Gantz.
Captain Hinshaw, Captain Roberts.
Colosimo, you work the relay.
Roberts, check air traffic.
Get that finger out of your ear.
You don't know where it's been.
- Steve!
- Got a cigarette, Nels?
Linda, your husband and the others
are alive but unconscious.
Just like Gerald Ford.
There's a chance we can save them
if Striker lands that plane in time.
That isn't much of a
! !

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