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- No!
- It's unfair. He doesn't want us, anyway.
Come on, Deb. He's gone through
a lot of trouble to bring you back.
Only because he's suing Gloria
to stop the support payments.
- That's the truth.
Lieutenant Glass and Officer Kapinsky
are just doing what they gotta...
But, Ivan, I don't wanna g...
Shh. Shh. Shh.
You're gonna go upstairs now.
We'll pack our suitcases.
We're gonna leave for Greenwich
tonight with Dad.
Tomorrow I call him on the phone,
maybe a couple of days.
I wait until things calm down
a little. Okay?
- Why can't they stay with us, damn it?
- Geraldo, go practice.
I don't wanna practice.
Okay, okay.
Hang tough.
Okay, you guys, come on.
Let's go upstairs and pack. Come on.
- There's more Cokes in the fridge, okay?
- Hey, no sweat.
We'll make it snappy.
- They're really cute.
Okay, okay.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go!
Where we going?
- We're making a break for it.
Easy, easy, easy. Let's go.
Come on.
Where are we going?
To the roof.
To the roof?
Why are we going to the roof?
I'm not giving you
over to the cops or your father.
You're not going back...
- Rotten child support payments...
Come on, will you hurry?
I don't like this. I don't like this.
- This is crazy.
- Think something's weird, Kapinsky.
- Think maybe they just like salads?
Come on, let's go.
Hurry up.
Let's go.
Where are you climbing?
Will you hurry?
You're stepping on my fingers.
I'm not.
Exactly, you're stepping on it.
- Christ, I'll bet we're trapped.
Help me. Stop, that tickles.
You want me
to pull you by your hair?
This must be 1000 feet.
After 90, it doesn't matter.
I'm gonna faint.
How do you get off this thing?
I knew it!
You're not gonna go
back to Greenwich. I'll find a way.
Great choices: Boring
Greenwich or violent death.
There's no way off this roof.
Shut up.
Pop, over here!
I knew it.
What if the cops find us?
We treated them decent.
- They can bust us down for this.
You wanna slip into a loincloth
and swing across to St. Vincent's?
Great. I'm facing
75 years for kidnapping...
...and I'm trapped on a roof
with Henny Youngman.
Travalian! Damn it. Travalian!
- He's making a fool of us, Kapinsky.
I think I hear the cops.
Oh, God, can they get up here at us?
I hear them up there.
They're definitely on the roof.
Yeah, I hear them.
I can hear them.
What have I done?
They've got it jammed shut.
Let me give it a shove.
Forget it! No more Mr. Nice Guy.
I'll lock this bastard up for this.
Now what?!
Tell the sergeant to get the squad car
and the kids' father over here right away.
- Ivn Travalian.
Lt's Daddy. That's Daddy.
Lt's me, Roger. Roger Slessinger.
Oh, my God.
They got us surrounded.
What do you see?
Our picture
on page six of the New York Post.
I have done
something really crazy.
Look, Ivan, I'm down here on the
street with a bunch of cops.
Or police officers.
This is embarrassing. For God's sake,
send Debbie and Bonnie down here.
The cops think you may be doing
something sexual with them.
That is about the sickest
thing I've ever heard, Roger.
I've heard many sick things in my life.
I'm a playwright, for God's sake.
I didn't suggest that, Ivn.
The cops did.
Hey, this is Lieutenant Glass.
Mr. Travalian,
you'd better show the little girls.
Oh, my God. What have I done?
What have I done?
This is great, threats.
You know what's next?
They'll come at us from St. Vincent's
with Sten guns. Maybe napalm.
Daddy, Daddy. Don't shoot anybody.
We're fine. We're okay.
That's Debbie.
Where's your sister?
- She's right here.
- Come on, Bon. Show yourself.
They probably won't shoot.
This isn't fair. We're not supposed to go
to Connecticut. Mommy won us in court.
- What? What?
- I said, this isn't fair.
Mommy won us in court, not him.
She speaks the truth.
The kid speaks the truth.
The mother of these girls
has legal custody.
That man does not have legal
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