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Please, Mr. Himmel,
just get into the sack.
Yes, but why?
Tell him, Ted.
Well, Mr. Himmel, I...
I don't actually know why.
I know why.
You shouldn't interrupt
the teacher, Mr. Siciliano.
Why not?
- You think he wants us to wear dresses?
- Ivn? Never. He hates dresses.
Hurry up with this, lg, please.
I'm hysterical.
How do I look?
You look like a pimp, Geraldo.
These are the only clothes I own!
That's not true. I got you a little beige
suit at Brooks Brothers. It's there.
I look like some kind of
businessman in that suit.
You're too short to be a businessman.
Come here.
- What's this? What's this?
That one.
- Put this one on. Come on.
- What's wrong with looking like a pimp?
- Hey, how do I look? Real classy, eh?
- Yeah. What's on your feet?
- Shoes.
- No, those are shoe substitutes.
I don't wanna wear those.
My play is opening tonight.
Critics, critics.
- Geraldo, Geraldo. Let's go.
- Ivn, how's this? Is this okay?
This is a Broadway show,
not a square dance hoedown, girls.
- Put dresses on.
- Dresses? I hate dresses!
- Me too.
- You are girls. You'll wear dresses.
Let's go. Quickly, quickly, quickly!
Can't you see l'm anxious?
You're a fine, fine cast
of actors. Really, major talents.
Get him out of here.
I need some time.
- What are you talking about.
- It's not your fault.
Ivn, it's time to give them
a little relaxation.
Time to concentrate.
Break a leg, everybody!
- Everything'll be fine. Don't worry.
- Just have a good time.
Goodbye. Good luck. Ivn.
- I'll talk to you later.
- All right.
- See, well... We'll do it.
Break a leg.
Please, Mr. Himmel,
just get into the sack.
Yes, but why?
Tell him, Ted.
Well, Mr. Himmel, I...
- I don 't actually know why.
There you are.
What are you doing here?
Couldn't stand it?
I didn't go back after intermission.
Everybody was looking for you.
Mr. Finestein said you might be
sweating it out.
Yeah. The kids okay?
They're all back there?
Ten bucks? Look, l'm only earning
20 for teaching this rotten class.
Oh, God. No laugh.
Let's see, now.
They didn't laugh.
Oh, lggy, this play's gotta work.
- It's gotta make it.
- It'll work, Pop. It's a great play.
It's gotta work. It's gotta work.
I got a lot of mouths to feed.
- Yeah. Eight actors. Big cast.
- Them too.
I mean us, the family.
Gotta feed us.
Are we gonna keep Gloria's kids?
You know, this is a tough thing
for me to say out loud.
But nobody wants Gloria's kids. Gloria
doesn't want them, that's for sure.
What'll we do? Nobody wants them.
Nobody'll fight for them in court.
Nobody loves them enough
to give them a home.
We've gotta give them a home, lg.
We've gotta do it.
That's why this play's gotta work.
It's gotta make it.
I need money if we're gonna
have a home.
Pop, it's gonna be a smash.
I know it is.
It's gotta be.
You're a great son, lgor.
Wait till you see my chemistry grade
before you draw any conclusions.
- What are you telling me? What?
- Just kidding.
Oh, lggy.
Been tough, huh? Hanging around all
these years, waiting for me to grow up?
The only thing I really regret
about your being my father...
...is I inherited your tremendous nose.
Did you buy it? The finish?
Excuse me.
Klein was enthralled!
Goddamn Klein was goddamn enthralled!
- Ivn, we got Klein. "Enthralled."
- Huh? Huh?
Klein was enthralled!
Klein was enthralled.
Klein was enthralled.
- Enthralled?
- He loved it!
We got a clean sweep of the TV.
I know we got a rave in the news.
The Post hated it.
But we get the Times, we're in.
Wait a minute. If we don't get
the Times, we don't run?
Let me tell you.
In this town, you don't get a rave
from The New York Times, you close.
I don't care if Klein was enthralled
and reached orgasm.
Without The New York Times,
we're dead.
How bad could the Times be?
They heard the audience screaming,
yelling, "Author, author!"
It could be a disaster. Opening
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