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a big deal, okay?
Lt's all right, Geraldo.
Your mother's not bad...
...she's just temporarily insane.
That's why she took our silverware.
Great. I think you cheered him up.
That was very good.
Geraldo, Geraldo. Stay.
We are all depressed in this family. We'll
stay depressed together. No "leavsies."
Our mom came here to tell us
what was going on with her...
...to explain about
moving to our father's.
Look. I think the best thing
here is...
...we all just talk openly about our
situation, right?
Lt's the healthiest thing to do.
All right, Spike.
What do you have to say on
the family situation?
I talked to Mom when she came
for the other kitchen stuff.
What other stuff?
She just took the silverware.
- It was her silverware.
- So who said it wasn't?
Did I say it wasn't her silverware now?
Did I? No, no, no.
- Yes, you did.
- I said she was insane.
I did not say she was a crook.
I know the difference.
Willy Sutton was a crook. Hitler was
insane. Ophelia was not a crook.
What the hell was that about?
You ask people what's on their minds
and you don't listen.
Yeah? I do that. I know it.
I'm a rotten, irresponsible man,
Debbie, and I beg you to forgive me.
- My father hates us.
- No. That's not true, Deb. No.
I've never even met his new wife.
She's nice. I met her.
I had a drink with them.
She was real nice, Deb.
She's excited to see you.
- That's not true.
- She'll be back.
You're not my father any more
than Lefty was or Juan-Philippe was.
My mom's not coming back.
She never comes back.
She just leaves.
I'm so sick of this.
Do you know that?
I can imagine.
- No, you can't imagine.
- No?
I am really sick of it.
I've got one natural sister, seven
stepbrothers and seven stepsisters.
I've got more than 20 aunts
and 26 uncles, precisely.
I've got more than nine grandparents
and five great-grandparents.
I've got more than 200 cousins
in America alone.
When are you gonna stop this, huh?
I don't wanna live
in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Neither does Bonnie.
But we're gonna, Ivan.
We're gonna.
What happens if we hate it?
Then what?
You're certainly in a bind there.
You certainly are.
I wouldn't ever get married.
Even if you paid me $ 150.
Not in my whole entire life.
And that's a promise too.
You know, I guess l'll make
a lot of friends in Daytona.
I mean, it's not like l'm
really gonna be alone, Ivan.
I mean, there's all my dad's other kids
and all. There's a whole team too, right?
I guess l'll have plenty of friends.
You're invited to stay here, Spike.
You know?
I want you to know that.
You always got a home if I got one.
When your mom and I finish
with this arguing business...
...I expect you to come whipping
right back here.
Yep. My mom doesn't ever
get over arguing. Ever, Ivan.
So's if I were you,
l'd stop waiting for her to, okay?
I had to do that for the longest time
when she and my dad first broke up.
She never came back.
I mean, first she married Juan-Philippe,
then she married you.
She don't even think about my dad.
I know that for a fact.
Once she's mad, she just stays mad.
That's why I never let her get real mad
at me. I just make sure she doesn't.
If I did let her get real mad at me,
I wouldn't have no mom, right?
And that would be awful.
Oh, God, Debbie. There's Daddy.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I really feel sick.
If you start crying, Bonnie,
so help me God, l'm gonna bat you one.
I'm not crying. I'm not crying.
He brought them all.
Who's the curly-haired kid?
Dad's or hers?
Let's go, okay?
You guys ready?
Hi, Daddy.
Hi, sweetheart. I'll take that.
Come on. Hi, Bonnie.
- Hi, Daddy.
Meet your brothers and sisters.
Have a good time.
- Kids. Say hi to Debbie and Bonnie.
- This is Debbie, Bonnie.
Everybody in the car.
Let's go.
Let's go, Dad.
Debbie or Bonnie?
Okay. All right. In you go.
Spike, can you do something for me?
Yeah, what?
- Ask your dad to sign this
! ! ! !

- 1984

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