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...broadcast all over Europe from
Berlin for Armed Forces Radio.
Ms. Knoph, we are going to The Plaza
to see Ms. Alice Detroit.
He said you asked him to come.
- Ms. Knoph.
- I'm sorry.
Get rid of him.
Okay, Travalian, let's go.
There's one thing I forgot to tell
you about the meeting.
It's nothing to get upset about...
...but there's one detail
I forgot to work out.
You're hugging me, Arnold. Why?
- I lied.
- What?
Alice Detroit has not agreed
to do the play.
You told me she was signed
to do this play.
You told the Post,
you told the Times. I read it.
I did it for the good of the play.
You can convince her!
You mean to tell me that you lied to me,
to everybody...
...told them we had this superstar...
...and we didn't?
Now you want me to go
to the Palm Court and conv...
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna see my lawyer.
- She's nearly convinced.
- You locked the door.
- It's a piece of cake.
- Give me the key to the door.
You threw the key out the window.
Her lawyer says
she's 90 percent convinced!
I don't need 90 percent, Arnold.
I need 100 percent.
It's a whole person I need.
See, it's a demanding part.
This is crazy. This is 51 stories.
- Ivn.
- You could kill somebody.
All you've gotta do is chat with her.
Be yourself. Be charming, be debonair
and you'll convince her.
My wife left.
You want me to be charming?
You wanna feed your orphanage?
If you don't convince Alice...
...the Dickers will not give us the
1.3 million, under no circumstances!
No ifs, no ands, no buts, no show!
Now, what do you wanna do?
Ms. Detroit? Sorry we're late.
- Ivn Travalian.
- Oh, l'm so pleased.
I am so thrilled.
I've read everything you've written.
- This is Ivan Travalian.
- Oh, no.
- I'm Arnold Kreplich, the producer.
- I blew it already, l'm sorry.
- I should have known that.
I don't look like I write.
- Couldn't you just die?
- Yes.
- In what sense?
- The Plaza.
- Vivaldi, violins, champagne.
- He loves The Plaza.
Oh, I can see why. It's so beautiful.
You live in California?
Yes, absolutely. I love it.
- You spend time there?
- He loves it.
He does not love California, Arnold.
You don't really care, do you?
She's just making a little chit-chat.
- Ms. Detroit, could I level with you?
- Yes, I wish you would.
- This is no time to level.
- This man here...
...was so anxious to have you
he lied to me.
He told me you were doing the part.
Now, I would love to sit and chat
with you, talk to you about my play...
...if you were committed.
No, I have not committed
to do your play.
Well, I mean, I just feel a little
strange, you know.
I mean, I don't feel like I can
sell my play to somebody else.
Spent two years writing it,
I don't wanna be a salesman...
But you don't have to sell it.
I mean, your play is brilliant.
It sells itself.
- It sells itself, did you hear that?
- I heard that.
So do you want to do it or not?
Okay, what l'd like to do is level
with you, all right?
I'm scared.
I don't know if I can do it.
Mr. Travalian, I have never
worked on the stage.
I work in movies.
That's my business,
where I work.
I don't know if I could carry a lead
in a Broadway show.
I saw Sad Eyed Giris in the Park
three times.
I know when an actress is right
for the part.
- You're perfect for the part.
- Did you hear that?
Yes, I heard that.
- What are those pills?
- Aspirin. Why?
Why did you ask me to do your play?
The play I wrote is a serious play...
...written in a comic mode, all right?
It requires an actress that's gonna bring
intelligence and truth to it.
But at the same time...
...she has to be funny,
she has to act like a ditz.
Now, I know you haven't had much
stage experience, Ms. Detroit.
You've had some and Morris Finestein's
the best director with actors.
He's the best.
He's... He'll work with you.
I'll be there.
I don't know. I wouldn't be here
if I didn't think you could
! ! ! !


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