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Either we talk now
or we wait six months.
- What's with your tie? Is that your tie?
- Yeah, why?
I don't know. It's tied funny.
You wouldn't wanna risk patching
things up, Gloria. Save our marriage.
- No, no.
- He called you tu, not vous.
- We're standing in front of my class.
- We're not having a conversation?
- Oh, please, Ivan. Please.
- We're having a beginner's conversation?
You're not coming home again tonight.
- I'm not sure.
- What does that mean?
- No.
- You hear that? "No."
No, no. Ivn, l'm not leaving you
for another man.
Larry? He's not a man?
He's a duck?
Larry is an intimate friend whose life
is faltering slightly who needs me.
You have your show.
You don't need me.
- Gloria, what are you doing to us?
- Ivn.
- What are you doing to us?
- Ivn, l'm hurting you.
That's the kindest thing
you've said in a month.
"Lvan, l'm hurting you."
Lvan, I don't want to
grow old with you.
I see we're finished with kindness.
We're now moving to hatefulness
and heartbreak.
- Where are you gonna be?
- Gloucester.
- Not for me. For the kids.
- It's in Massachusetts.
I know, I know! I'll write out
the number. Larry has a house there.
- In Gloucester?
- Yes, in Gloucester.
That's great. The sea.
- You're sick, Gloria.
- I'm sick?
Yeah. You're sick.
You can't commit to a man,
to your children.
I can't commit to a man?
You'd abandon your clothing
if it made a demand of you.
What are you talking about?
Gloria, I have tried with you.
I have been faithful, I have been loving,
I have been caring.
You have been none of those things!
You're at the typewriter
14 hours a day!
I'm at the typewriter
because l'm a goddamn writer!
I'm lonely, Ivan!
Class dismissed.
This isn't like Travalian to be late.
Not to worry, this gives us
a chance to get the play read.
You put up all that money?
Any play with Alice Detroit
in the lead doesn't have to be read.
Pretend that you read
the play. He's a little high-strung.
We love his play.
Love it!
What's he looking for?
There's nobody here but us.
Travalian! Here.
I'm sorry l'm a little late.
How late am I?
- Two hours and 10 minutes.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm Ivan Travalian.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hi.
- Who are you guys?
"Who are you guys?" Kidding.
The Dickers.
- He's Patrick.
- He's Jackie.
The Dickers, Ivan.
You have the Dickers,
you have greatness.
There is no better accountant
than Jackie.
- Am I right?
- He's the accountant. I'm the lawyer.
See what you got?
One accountant, one lawyer.
Born for business greatness.
- We're backing you with 1.3 million.
- Our own money.
That much? It costs that much?
That's cheap. That's because
Arnold Kreplich is a superb producer.
- Mr. Broadway.
- Come on, you're embarrassing me.
You've attracted a star
in Alice Detroit for the lead.
- Money in the bank.
- We're probably talking Tonys.
Ivn and I are gonna meet her,
have a drink, clean up a few things.
- I thought she was all set.
- Trouble?
- Are you kidding?
- You guys ought to know...
...my wife, Gloria...
...is having an affair
with an accountant...
...named Larry Kotzwinkle.
- Do we know him?
We know lzzy Kotzwinkle, but he's
kind of old. How old is Larry?
Forties. Late 40's.
Oh, God, no.
Izzy must be 80 by now.
Why do you want to bring
that up at a business lunch?
I'm so depressed.
I see it as a historic event.
Two major talents meeting for
the first time, like Macy and Gimbel.
What are you saying?
- Macy and Gimbel. Come on!
- Arnold, don't talk crazy.
I got a headache.
Put your tie on. We gotta get going.
I'm going in open-collar.
More Hollywood.
We're doing theater.
Have your tie on!
Miss Knoph, is that you?
Sorry, Mr. Kreplich.
Did I knock too softly again?
If you're gonna knock, knock!
- I know, I know. I'm sorry.
- Well, what is it?
Oh, yes! Sorry. There's a Mr. Handke
here to interview you...
...from Voice of Broadway.
That's a
! ! ! !


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