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the TV.
I know we got a rave in the news.
The Post hated it.
But we get the Times, we're in.
Wait a minute. If we don't get
the Times, we don't run?
Let me tell you.
In this town, you don't get a rave
from The New York Times, you close.
I don't care if Klein was enthralled
and reached orgasm.
Without The New York Times,
we're dead.
How bad could the Times be?
They heard the audience screaming,
yelling, "Author, author!"
It could be a disaster. Opening
of Mackerel Skies...
...the audience yelled,
"Author, author!"
- What's Mackerel Skies?
- Exactly.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Okay, kids. Okay. Come on,
let's go. Say your good nights.
- Come on. We're heading downtown.
- Ivan, where are you going?
- We'll have our review soon.
- It's okay.
- Ivan, what is it with you?
- Nothing. I'm gonna go home.
Call me in the morning. Let me know
what happens. Come on. Here we go.
- Night, night.
- Ivan? The Times, Ivan. The Times!
Pop. Pop. Look, you're gonna go to bed
without knowing the Times review?
- What are you, nuts? Come on, let's go.
- Where are we going?
TRAVALIAN: All right. Come on. Look.
GERALDO: Wait for me. Wait.
Hold it! Drive more carefully. Geraldo.
Watch out, you nitwit!
- Hey. Wait for me.
TRAVALIAN: Here, here.
IGOR: Geraldo. Geraldo, come here.
Don't get lost.
- How soon before the Times comes?
- Should be here any minute.
Why are we here? What are we doing?
- The review.
- Oh.
You know, even if your play's a big flop,
l'm still gonna love you.
- Definitely.
- I needed that, guys.
- Listen, Pop.
- Yeah.
You're a relatively young man still.
You'll write other plays.
I hated that, lg.
Really, I hated that.
When Matt Vogel's father's store
made big November profits...
...he bought Matt a snake.
If this play's a hit, can I get a snake?
Let's see what the Times says.
This is it!
Can l...?
BONNIE: Can I have one? Please, please?
IGOR: Grab one off the...
IGOR: Fifty cents for two of them, buddy.
Guys, don't grab.
I got one.
Let me see what's going on.
- Come on, will you hurry?
- Stop, stop.
Hurry! Come on! Turn the page already.
No, no, no...
- Yeah, Pop, here it is, page 25.
- I got it.
- What does chef-d'oeuvre mean?
SPIKE: Lt's French.
I know that,
I just don't know what it means.
It means Geraldo gets his snake.
IGOR: Lt's a rave!
KIDS: Lt's a rave!
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SDI Media Group
[ENGLISH SDH]I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
- What do you think?
- He's not funny.
He seems funny.
Everybody's laughing.
I've seen his work maybe 15 times now
and he's never made me laugh.
I don't like him.
Maybe that's it. I just don't like him.
How did I do?
Oh, that was wonderful.
Wonderful, Fippsy. You really slay me.
- You slay me.
- Terrific.
Oh, my God. I really appreciate that
coming from you, Mr. Travalian.
- I always overdo.
- No, no, no. Good, good, good.
Hey, let me... Let me just talk
with him quietly.
You want him?
He's great!
You can't have him.
- Why?
- J.J. Hates him.
- What do you want?
- Fire him.
- How can I fire him? I can't hire him.
- J.J.
- Oh, God. I gotta fire another director.
- Call Morris Finestein.
J.J., can I see you?
How he wastes my time.
We seem to
have a little problem...
...I thought l'd like
to discuss with you.
Hey, Eddie. How goes it?
- Mr. Travalian. You bringing us a hit?
- Hope not. Don't wanna spoil my record.
Probably too depressing for Broadway.
You're probably right, Eddie.
Catch you later.
I can get you woman.
- I'm diseased.
Hello! I'm home!
- Hi, Pop. How's it going?
- Hey, lg. How about you?
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
Get away from me.
- My birthday.
- I forgot my birthday.
Oh, you remembered my birthday.
All right, you guys. I've been
kind of busy these days, really.
- Favs! You got me a Favs.
All right, come on.
Let me see.
! ! ! !

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