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need to be left.
You know? And then you're surprised.
You're surprised that l'm moving on.
I'm sorry, Ivan.
But I am...
...what I am.
- Get out. Get out.
- Ivan, wait. Wait!
Lvan, there are people here...
About five of them are your kids, Gloria.
One of them's your husband.
We are people, Gloria.
Bonnie, Debbie, Spike, lgor.
- I will not hear this.
- You will goddamn hear this!
You're so goddamn sophisticated,
so goddamn worldly, goddamn educated!
You goddamn give birth to kids
as though they're not people!
They're people, Gloria!
You leave husbands
and children every couple years...
...like you're some goddamn salmon
going upstream to spawn.
You go from one husband to another.
We're not steppingstones.
Gloria, we're people.
You have been unthinking, uncaring,
cold, heartless bitch.
And I don't want you back.
Don't swim around here.
It's shark-infested.
Don't go in the water.
Give the sharks a break.
Thanks for the extra 100, man.
I'm home, gang. You still here?
IGOR: How you doing?
BONNIE: You're home.
IGOR: You okay?
- Yeah, l'm fine. I'm great.
Where is she?
- Don't ask.
- Mom's not coming home?
Don't ask.
No, your mom's not coming back.
Not here.
And not to be my wife.
- We're gonna get, you know...
- Divorced.
- That's the word.
- We tried to tell you not to go for her.
- When she goes, she goes.
- Yeah, and she goes for good.
Well, I can help with the cooking.
Come on, we gotta get Marco Polo
here into bed.
BONNIE: Let's go.
- He's tired from his travels.
- How'd you manage without me?
- I'm not going in there.
ALL: Yes, you are!
I'm too tired to sleep.
- Night, Ivan.
- Good night, darling.
- Night, Ivan. I'm glad you're home.
- I'm glad l'm home too, honeys.
It's easy to come home
when I got you guys waiting.
Same for us too.
I don't know if I can keep you here,
you know, without your mother.
- Don't you want us here?
- I want you. Of course I want you, Deb.
I want you. I would never let you go.
You know that. I swear.
I would die before I let you go.
But you may have to choose between
your real mom and your real dad.
We choose you, Ivan.
That's why we came back here.
We choose you. And we'll say
it in court if we have to.
We decided.
Well, that's good.
That's good. Okay.
What I really wanted was
a Luis Aparicio, maybe a Valenzuela.
But, of course, an Ed Figueroa.
I had an Aparicio autograph,
but I sold it for four bucks to a tourist.
Jeez, I don't know, Geraldo.
I got a couple, but these guys.
I don't know. Maybe these.
Oh, my God! Goddamn Figueroa
five times! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Aparicio, one,
two, five, six. Six Aparicios!
- Oh, my God, Spike! Oh, my God!
- Keep them, kid. They're yours.
Oh, my God!
Lgor, these are for you.
This is Yaz! God! Goddamn! Three times!
Oh, my God!
Three times! Spike! Oh, Spike! Spike,
how did you know? Oh, my God!
Lt's great being back here
with you two jerks.
- Takes a jerk to know a jerk.
- You ought to know, newt.
I bet we've got the bestest house
in the whole state here.
Is that supposed to be cute?
The "bestest house"?
You know what I mean.
I mean, l've lived in seven places,
counting here.
- Right now l'm looking to stay put.
- Me too. I'm staying until l'm married.
You guys don't see me packing up
and moving out, do you?
Your dad's the best for living with kids
I ever lived with.
Even the best l've ever heard of,
real or step.
Yeah, he's definitely one of us,
as much as a grownup can be.
We must never let him
know this, however.
What are you talking this crap for?
You trying to butter me up?
Where's the little hand, Geraldo?
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
Dive in.
Okay, as long as I got a house,
you guys got a house.
And I always plan to have a house.
- Good night.
- Good night, kid.
SPIKE: Daddy?
- Yeah?
Daddy, for you.
Pesky on a 1947 Series card...
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