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like Richard Nixon.
TRAVALIAN: Can we talk alone?
- The play dies.
We need something funny or visual.
We're going along. It's sailing.
Then suddenly it stops. It's dead.
- Will you excuse us?
- What are you...?
But l'm standing up here making a fool
out of myself. I need help from you.
Excuse us a minute, Morris, please.
- But where are you...?
- Ivan, when do I get the rewrite?
You get it soon, I promise you.
I promise you.
- Are you coming back?
FINESTEIN: Yeah, l'll see you later.
- Are the kids okay?
- Yeah.
Alice, if I asked you to move out,
would you quit the play?
If you asked me to move out,
would I quit the play?
- No. I would not leave the play.
- You wouldn't?
No, I would not.
Oh, Ivan.
I'd be so relieved to move out.
Really, don't you know that?
You wouldn't hate me?
No. No.
No, I wouldn't hate you.
I'm crazy about you.
Why, Alice?
Is something wrong with you?
"Alice doesn't live here anymore"?
Don't you think that's funny?
I myself never saw the movie.
I don't know.
I'm still hung up on your mother, kid.
Who, my mother or his mother?
His mother.
I gotta do rewrites.
Hold the fort, all right?
- Hello, is somebody there?
LARRY: Who is it, Gloria?
- Jesus, I really hate that.
LARRY: What's the matter?
Some damn pervert calling, breathing.
Okay, you have a good day.
Hi. I'm from troop 638
and l'm selling Girl Scout cookies.
Well, l'm gonna be writing
the second act now.
FINESTEIN: We are not going to read it
again. We've read through it 10 times!
It makes no sense. It doesn't work!
Did you hear it?
Morris, you're screaming at me.
Yes, I am screaming! I waited two weeks
for a goddamn rewrite.
And when I get it,
it worsens the problem.
No. No, Ivan, it doesn't worsen
the problem.
It doesn't even address the problem.
Have you ever read English With Tears
by Ivan Travalian?
I wonder, because these pages
are not germane!
I've been a little flaky lately.
I've been...
A little flaky?
You are doing everything within your
power to sink and submerge this ship.
- I'm not going down with you!
- That's your attitude?
Either you come up with a rewrite...
Excuse me. But this is most
embarrassing for all of us up here.
So we are going home until
tomorrow, right? Till tomorrow.
TRAVALIAN: Hey! Hey, hello?
Hey. Hey, hey, l'm the father.
- You're Ivan Travalian?
- Yeah, why?
Show him the picture, Kapinsky.
You know these two kids, Mr. Travalian?
There's no two girls in this house.
We would never hide two girls
in this house.
We didn't even think he'd notice
we were gone.
Are we gonna go to jail?
I'm not gonna cry!
Come on, Bon.
You're not gonna go to jail.
I mean, this is reasonably explainable,
Lieutenant Kapinsky.
He's Kapinsky.
I'm Lieutenant Glass.
Okay. What if I were to keep them
for a couple of days?
Just a week. I know their dad.
I've talked to him.
No way. Look, Mr. Travalian.
I got a father and a detective filling out
papers. I gotta hand the kids over first.
Then you work it out between you,
l'm all for that. I got kids of my own.
I'm not married.
Policemen are doing their job, doll.
You gotta go to your dad...
- No!
- It's unfair. He doesn't want us, anyway.
Come on, Deb. He's gone through
a lot of trouble to bring you back.
Only because he's suing Gloria
to stop the support payments.
- That's the truth.
Lieutenant Glass and Officer Kapinsky
are just doing what they gotta...
But, Ivan, I don't wanna g...
Shh. Shh. Shh.
You're gonna go upstairs now.
We'll pack our suitcases.
We're gonna leave for Greenwich
tonight with Dad.
Tomorrow I call him on the phone,
maybe a couple of days.
I wait until things calm down
a little. Okay?
- Why can't they stay with us, damn it?
- Geraldo, go practice.
I don't wanna practice.
Okay, okay.
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