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7:30 for the refugee arrival scene. Okay?
The refugee arrival scene. 7:30.
You worked on that accent
or is that how you've always talked?
- It was really nice.
SETH: Oh, is this yours? This is divine.
- Oh, thank you.
- What a fabulous look.
- I love it.
- Oh, it's great on you.
- It goes well with your hair. What color?
- Peach divine.
TRAVALIAN: Ready to go?
- Is it edible?
- Have a good dinner.
ALICE: Do you think he's bisexual?
- He never looked at a woman in his life.
So we going home?
Oh, um...
Morris asked to go over last night's
notes. We can eat at Joe Allen's.
Well, I gotta go home, sling some hash
with a couple of cowboys.
Oh, okay. Well, l'll see you here later?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Mom's home.
Hi, Gloria.
You look great.
You look great yourself.
Where'd you get the chair?
So, what do you say I pop a funky
cassette in and we'll all boogie on down?
- All right.
- All right. Who is she?
- For God's sake, Gloria. I mean...
- I wanna know who she is. What is this?
- Really.
What is this? A nametag?
She sews her name in her underwear?
What is she, a camper?
You getting them that young now?
I can't read this name.
What is this? What does it say?
Alice Detroit.
- The actress?
- She's in my play.
- You're shtupping an actress?
- Don't be grotesque.
- You brought an actress into my home?
- Yes.
- In front of my children?
- An actress, Gloria. Not an anarchist.
Eight weeks! Eight lousy weeks and you
brought another woman into my home!
- Are you kidding or what?
- It is I who ordered those curtains...
...and every lick of furniture in here and
this bed you sleep in with that bitch!
Sit on the bed, shut your mouth
or so help me, l'll hit you with this chair.
That is a table!
How could you do it?
How could you move
another woman into my home?
What happened to Larry, Gloria?
He dump you?
No! No, he most certainly
did not dump me.
Oh, no? So, what's the deal here?
You walk out on me, not eight weeks
ago, Gloria, 11 weeks ago.
A whole season of the
year has passed.
It was fall, with football in it.
It is now winter, with hockey in it.
Gloria, answer me.
Gloria, what is going on?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I'm so confused.
You could drive me crazy,
you know that? Really crazy.
Larry is a wonderful man.
- I'm thrilled to hear this.
- A wonderful man, but he's not you.
I figured that when he scratched his leg
and I felt nothing. I said, "He's not me."
How can you joke at a time like this?
I joke, you sob, what difference
does it make? We're both miserable.
Oh, Ivan.
Ivan, I miss you.
I miss the family.
I miss the bickering and the sprouts
and the toilet seat up.
- I miss it. I miss it.
- I knew you would.
- Are you in love with this woman?
- With Alice?
No. No, with Sy Peck, the Arts and
Leisure editor of the Sunday Times.
That was funny.
- Are you?
- No.
I do not love Alice Detroit.
I did not actually conceptualize
that fact till this very moment.
No. I love you.
Gloria, I miss you and our family
so much I could vomit.
I'd take you back in a minute, Gloria.
Not too many questions asked.
Larry and I are moving to the
Good Harbor Beach Inn in Massachusetts.
We're there for a three-month trial
and if it works...
...we'll be married
on Larry's birthday in March.
Okay. I guess I should get
back to rehearsal.
Enough taking time off
from work for fun.
- You can keep the night table, Gloria.
- No.
I just wanna say that you are
the craziest person l've seen today...
...since the guy blocking the bank door.
He was wearing a Superman cape
and pantyhose. Crazier than you.
Maybe not.
ALICE: "Object of the language conversion
sack is to immerse the student..."
- I mean, is it boring?
Ivan, there's no other way to say this,
we are in trouble in the second act.
I can't do the fakakta speech.
I sound
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