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what's the matter?
- Here.
- I got a chip in my throat.
Drink some water. Drink some water.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. Usually the potato chip
gets really soft.
No, no, no. He's doing it to
make you uncomfortable. Iggy.
- Jesus, there's chips in this stuff.
- Drink some water.
- Oh, Jesus.
- It's okay.
I'm gonna live. Oh, my God.
- Here.
- Thank you. Thanks very much.
Roll it over. Laundry day.
It's laundry day. Roll over.
SETH: "Fritz emerges crying, sobbing.
He begins to speak in English...
...babbling maniacally. The lights
fade to black and the play is over."
I think there's a problem
with the second act.
Okay, everybody, good. Very good. I'll
give my notes first thing in the morning.
- Start with act two, okay?
SETH: 10:00.
What do you think we should do?
Did you like it? Okay, have a good one.
You've got another winner.
From your mouth to God's ears
and around the block to the box office.
Morris. Morris, this is second act,
just the second act.
Oh, just the second act.
Just the second act.
What's under your coat?
Stealing books?
Stealing books?
You will have to be punished.
Trying to play a little hooky, huh?
- I heard that.
- I've always been a loud sigher.
So I think l'd like to try something
a little different tonight for dinner.
TRAVALIAN: Oh, like fish?
- No, I mean, maybe eat out.
Oh, that's a hassle.
You'll never get lgor and Geraldo
to agree to the same place.
- Going to two places kills the dinner.
- Ivan, I meant just you and me.
Without the kids?
No, I didn't mean that.
Yes, I did. I did mean that.
Ivan, I didn't think it was gonna mean
kids every night.
I got kids. What can I tell you?
I know you have kids. I really feel guilty
for even complaining about it.
I love your kids, Ivan. I really do.
I just thought it was...
...gonna be different.
- I don't know. I mean, I don't know.
I mean, you know.
Maybe we could've been...
I thought we could be part of a group.
Maybe the New York literary power
structure, dialogues with Norman Mailer.
Come on, Alice. What the hell
are you talking about? What?
Lvan, two artists living together
like Monroe and Miller.
Who am I, Monroe or Miller?
Why do you always have
to make jokes?
Happy? She wants happy?
Who the hell is happy?
We are New York intellectuals. We'll
start acting like New York intellectuals.
That means culture will start
being visible in our lives.
- Culture.
- Okay.
Arts, crafts, museum trips,
intellectual thought.
Will you pee or get away from there?
Give me 10 more seconds.
That's all I need to pee, goddamn it!
You got it. You got it.
All right, tonight it's a Romanian film
at the Museum of Modern Art...
...and a trip to Elaine's, where we'll have
stimulating conversation and pasta.
Gee, Geraldo and I just love
those Romanian films.
We've been to see them
three or four times this week.
You're gonna joke while I shave, huh?
- Did you pee yet?
- Almost.
- Who's Elaine?
- Elaine is the restaurant.
That's the name. Show people go there.
You're gonna like it, kid.
- Geraldo and I have school tomorrow.
- I'll give you a note. You can be late.
Your time's up, fella.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
All right, you guys.
I'll tell you this now.
If you don't enjoy this goddamn
Romanian movie tonight...
...and show visible signs
of having fun at Elaine's...
...you aren't getting a penny
from me for the rest of your life.
No tuition, no allowance,
nothing in my will. Is this clear?
That's rotten.
Where are we?
Oh, God. We're still here.
Should we order breakfast
or just head off to school?
- Okay, let me tell her we're going home.
- I don't wanna go. I'm having fun.
Oh, how you doing?
Hey, honey. Oh, that's good.
Shall I come with you?
Okay, okay. Seth, that's it.
SETH: Okay, I want everyone back here
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