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but I didn't know where to.
How did you happen to be on the front?
Just like you.
- But I'm a man.
- And I'm a woman.
Someone is supposed
to bandage you,
wash your uniforms.
Oh, Kima!
Kima Vilentovich.
- I'm so happy to have found you.
- Please don't.
Happy will be those
who survive this war.
- Kima!
- What?
I just enjoy
saying your name.
Stop making it up, lgor.
I'm not making it up.
Remember when we were admitting you
to Komsomol, we wanted to know
why you had a foreign name,
You said that your dad named you
for the Youth International.
- Only feminine...
- Only feminine gender.
You're my...
Youth International,
feminine gender...
Boris Yatsenko was killed
a month ago.
Burned down in his tank.
Katya wrote me about it.
Boris has burned down.
The first one from our class to die.
The third one.
The third one, lgor.
Grisha Chugun and
Volodya Samokhvalov died, too.
Who'll be the next?
I didn't know anything.
I got out of touch with them
even before the military school.
I didn't write to anybody.
Soon we'll be
left alone.
Just girls.
Oh, boys!
What are you doing to us?
Don't worry...
They won't kill everybody.
They won't kill everybody.
Come on, Kima!
What's the matter, Kima?
Stop it, Kima!
Are you really happy
you've met me?
Of course I am.
I've never received
any letters from my father.
He didn't write any letters
that night before the battle.
He was with my mother.
That was the only night
in their lives.
That's why I'm Anna Vilentovich,
and not Anna Suslina.
We don't have his decoration either.
My grandmother keeps it.
My father's mother.
My grandmother never recognized my
mother and didn't give us his order.
In those years, it was rare
that love had a happy end.
But my mother thought
she was the happiest of all women.
Seems strange, doesn't it?
Or maybe not.
They measured life
by different standards.
Happiness and misfortune.
This is our hospital.
- I'll go tell them I'm here.
- I'll wait.
Let's go together.
Hello, Uncle Alyosha.
Hello, girl.
I'll go and
tell the girls, all right?
- Go to sleep.
- Listen.
Listen, pal.
Give me a smoke.
You see, I don't smoke.
- I got no tobacco.
- Too bad.
They want to amputate my arm.
I won't let them.
- I won't give them my right arm.
- Igor!
Come on.
- Water!
- You mustn't drink, son.
- You mustn't.
- Water!
- You must bear it, son.
- Give me water, mother.
We had a bet with Boris Yatsenko
that I...
And you stood at the blackboard.
I came up to you...
and put my hand...
on your shoulder.
And then...
Touched with it what I shouldn't.
And you...
...gave me such a look.
As though I hit you.
And I felt...
...so ashamed of myself.
Even now...
I'm still ashamed.
Come here.
Where you shouldn't?
Now you may.
You may do everything now.
Because you get killed.
And we survive.
Because I love you.
- Kima!
- Don't say anything.
I know,
I'm a fool,
a miserable fool.
And you're a miserable
fool, too.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
May our children
be happy.
This wine was given to me
by my grandfather.
Exactly eighteen bottles
of Tsolikauri.
My grandfather said:
"You'll be drinking this wine
in the evening,
saying great toasts
and remembering your fathers."
When a man is born,
he always cries.
Everybody around smile
and say:
"Hello, dear!"
May each of us live his
life the way
that, when his final hour comes,
only he would smile,
and all the rest would cry
and say:
"Farewell, dear."
As we say to our
fathers today.
To the honest life!
To the last smile!
To the man's proud smile!
Which means:
Pass the floor to another.
We keep saying all day:
Problems, percents.
Recently I read
in a newspaper that...
out of all fighting men born
in '22, '23 and '24,
we have surviving to this day
only 3 percent.
3 percent...
That's the problem...
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