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you, Valyukha.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Each house here has a hospital ward.
The wounded men and the nurses.
Something like an evacuation station.
Have there been big battles?
Yes, they've taken the Fritzes
in a circle.
Did you hear the long-range guns today?
They were working on the Germans.
So, Lieutenant, we are
deep in the rear again.
All right, I'm off to see my grandma
in Nekrasovka.
The Germans are there.
No, the Germans have been driven out.
My grandma is there.
Well, say hello to your grandma.
- Goodbye, Valyukha.
- Goodbye.
- Usmanov, escort her to her house.
- Yes!
Take care, Valyukha.
Comrade Lieutenant!
- Yes?
- Look here...
365 days
are not just one year.
In wartime, 365 days
are eternity.
An era.
And he managed to hold on,
he lives.
A whole year, boys,
it's nothing to sneeze at.
So how about it?
I don't get you, Myatnikov.
You speak so incoherently.
Who is he? Who held on?
What year? What eternity?
Everything is clear here.
Today Svyatkin's son
turned one year old.
So how about it?
Hardly had we left
our company's disposition,
as anniversaries began pouring down.
May I be blown up with a mine
in my first battle.
May I never
see freedom.
No, I mean...
And what next?
What next?
Next will be the war,
next will come bang-bang!
If not today,
then tomorrow.
So, I have a right...
...to celebrate my son's birthday,
for I've never had my own.
I was a homeless kid.
To make it short, there's moonshine,
but that character wants
sugar for it.
So I'm asking you, Lieutenant,
for the first and last time.
Let the boys take
a shot today...
To my son.
I wrote to the boy
to be a real man.
I wished him to never experience
what I had to...
...never be cheap.
My friend!
I got nothing to give you...
...on that special day.
Take my bread.
Take my sugar.
The herring.
Take everything
that's due to me.
I'm sorry, my dear.
I got nothing more.
- We'll comply.
- So how about it?
Comrade Lieutenant,
why don't you say anything?
You can do it, can't you?
The sugar belongs to the platoon.
Hurray, guys!
We'll drink tea without sugar.
To the health of Suave Junior.
Hurray! All the sugar
goes to the corporal.
Today's sugar, and tomorrow's sugar.
Am I right?
- Hurray!
- Hurray!
Why 'hurray'?
Am I right?
There's no celebration without women.
It's not translatable.
You know
what 'woman' means?
Woman is... a mother,
she is... a sister,
a beloved.
I'm not asking it for myself,
but for my friend.
He's a great comrade,
a great friend!
You can meet such a friend
only in the war.
Come, please,
we got a celebration today.
Let's congratulate him together.
But don't tell him
I've asked you.
Please, come.
All right,
we'll have to drop by.
Or he may burst into tears.
A man never cries.
A man just gets distressed.
Lavkin, sit down.
The father wants to speak.
Good evening!
Welcome dear guests.
Holy Mother!
My dear friends!
Relatives of our dear men.
Over 30 years ago,
exactly on this day,
here in Ilyinka,
a man's birthday
was celebrated.
This man is here.
But his father,
who could be alive
today too
and be with us
he didn't live to see this day.
He died.
Died as a hero.
Died the very next day.
But we're not going
to grieve today.
We will be joyous.
Joyous about
that there was such a man.
That he gave his life
so valiantly.
We will drink,
we will drink to him.
To his son,
Lieutenant Colonel
Konstantin Svyatkin.
Excuse me.
The man may feel like crying.
Men don't cry.
Men just get distressed.
Gypsy dance with an entrance.
Performed by the hero of the day.
Platoon commander, give a ruble.
I'll dance on my belly.
Grease my palm, dear!
I've been looking for you.
Don't make it up, lgor.
It's true, I've looked for you.
I wanted to write to
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