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- And he himself...
- Where's he himself?
Himself is sleeping,
he's on a regimen.
A regimen...
I see.
Get up!
Svyatkin, get up!
My wounds...
Must have exposed them
to cold.
While heroically repulsing
the tank attack.
Exposed to cold?
That's it, goodbye, Lieutenant.
Don't think ill of me.
Basically, I'm good.
My wounds are aching...
- Where did he go?
- Perhaps, for the doctor.
Come on...
He ran to complain to the company
commander. Damn suslik.
All right.
I'm a bad commander.
I can't cope with
I cannot command,
cannot be a leader.
You're Komsomol members.
The war is going on around us.
Hundreds of boys like us
die now.
Die and give us an opportunity
to learn something.
And you...
Justjoke and laugh
like idiots.
You think it's honest?
Is this the way Komsomol members
should behave?
It's not my fault
that I'm your commander.
I'm ready to join you
as a private.
Ready to take your place, and not
because I'm afraid of responsibility.
But because...
You're comrades...
my comrades...
You're my comrades.
Only yesterday
we all were schoolmates.
And you...
You're betraying me.
I feel ashamed of you.
I feel ashamed of you, guys!
Suave, may we talk to you
a minute?
- Comrade Captain!
- As you were.
What's up?
The lieutenant acts on his own
Such guys as he should be used in
the canteen, not in infantry.
He has a hang-up
about quick marches.
It's freezing at 30 below zero, and
we're having 3rd march, and at night.
- The platoon got used to it.
- Thank God it didn't get fused.
What if you get them frost-bitten?
It's a running march, Comrade Captain,
not a walking march.
Right, running is not walking.
How is the drill going?
We're training...
An inspector is coming.
From up there.
- We ought to paint the ceiling.
- Yes, we ought to.
I got you.
And all inspectors
have a weakness.
- What weakness?
- What weakness?
He doesn't know anything about
army life.
All inspectors like to see
a march with a song.
You must learn a good march
song right away.
You'll be defending
the honor of the battalion.
- Is it understood?
- Understood.
- What about the march?
- Leave it to the company commander.
- The night march?
- Yes.
- I'm against it.
- What?
- I'm against it.
- Understood.
- May I go?
- Go.
Check the barracks now,
get rid of unnecessary stuff.
- Make it clean and empty. Is it clear?
- Yes, Comrade Captain!
- Go!
- Yes!
The platoon is working according to
schedule. Orderly Glebov.
Glebov, check all the bedside tables.
All unnecessary things, on the table.
Everything except cups, spoons
and books.
- Is it clear?
- Yes.
- What about tobacco?
- You can leave it.
And what is this?
We want to assemble a gramophone,
Comrade Lieutenant.
Take it. But the least you need for it
is a gramophone itself.
We'll get it.
- Take it away.
- Yes.
What do they write you from home,
There's no one to write to me.
My mother and sister driven to Germany,
father, if alive, is with partisans.
Only grandmother is left,
but she's blind.
Why didn't you go with the partisans?
I was ploughing.
Working for Germans?
Yes, we got our rations from Germans.
It's strange...
- Were there many ploughmen like you?
- There were some.
Comrade Lieutenant...
The soap!
Which was stolen.
He hid it behind the plywood.
- Whose end table? Svyatkin's?
- No. Krynkin's.
- Bring him here, quick!
- Yes!
Private Krynkin is here,
on your orders...
Tell me, Krynkin, how did this soap
get into your end table?
Why don't you say anything?
Do you hear me, Krynkin?
I... well...
- I'm sorry...
- A very profound observation.
You, a Komsomol member.
I hope, only until the first meeting.
Please forgive me,
Comrade Lieutenant.
Take the soap.
Let's go and join the platoon. You'll
explain everything to you comrades.
I wanted to send it to
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