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dear Byelorussia,
my golden Ukraine...
Well, company commander,
it's a good platoon.
Good for Suslin, he'll make a fine
- But he got little fighting experience.
- That's right.
On the other hand, he got education.
Education is a useful thing.
But sometimes the overeducated
are worse than the undereducated.
Have you heard that saying,
I have.
Corporal Svyatkin!
I'm not going to punish you.
But you must give your word to me,
your commander,
and to your comrades-in-arms
that you'll never again frustrate
our platoon's tactical exercises.
What do you mean, 'nope'?
What 'nope'?
Nope means you won't?
Nope means
I'm no dope.
Take them to the barracks,
or the boys will freeze for nothing,
to hell with it all.
It's time to take a grub anyway,
that's why they're cackling.
- You command.
- Svyatkin, get back in line.
Platoon, attention!
Right dress!
No laughing!
Forward march!
How good it is in your village here,
Valentina Ivanovna!
Those devils, they gave me a real
I played snowballs
with the boys.
One redhead
hit me right in the eye.
That must be Ivanenko.
Little devil!
- It's slow.
- It works whenever it likes.
We'll fix it.
- Has Anya come?
- Not yet.
She's indefatigable.
Bustling about all the time.
A man avoids worries,
a woman seeks them.
That must be a woman's fate.
And Anya's fate is special.
Her life is not as easy
as it seems.
Didn't her life work out?
It did.
She worked it out for herself, the one
she wanted, she has no one to blame.
What do you mean?
You know, there're hospitals where
the wounded are still taken care of.
The wounded?
Since the war.
Those who can't eat on their own,
or who lost their memory.
Thirty years have passed,
and they still go to attack.
"Follow me!" they cry.
After medical college, Anya went
to work in one of those hospitals.
She nursed a pilot there.
She nursed him back to life
and got married to him.
But he lasted
only a year.
- Did he die?
- No.
He went to fight again,
to his last ram.
Neither seeing anything,
nor hearing anything.
Cover me!
I attack!
Has been flying for 30 years,
never landing.
- Is he back in hospital?
- No. Anya wouldn't let him.
She says she can't, because
he's still fighting for us.
And you say
she's indefatigable!
Here I am!
Why are you sitting here, guys?
I got a car, let's go!
You're so impatient, Koderidze!
Stop rubbing it, you'll make a hole!
- You should pat this doll.
- The metal likes to be caressed, Vano.
Don't prompt!
Have you ever
patted a broad?
Why you say that
about women?
A broad...
- I got a wife. You offend me.
- A wife?
Don't make me laugh, Vano.
Maybe you've bred kids, too?
You're offending me again!
Just say it in Russian: " Do you have
And I shall answer:
I have a son.
And I have a girl.
You know what a sunny name
I've found for her?
You'd better
find the spring.
You're all great masters
at talking rubbish.
So I'm interested:
Where's our spring?
- I guess I dropped it.
- Dropped it?
You dropped it, you look for it,
Or your girl may become an orphan
after our first battle.
Come on.
And I have two.
Yaroslav and Mikhail.
You lucky man!
Where's Garbuzenko?
Garbuzenko went to Sergeant "Cerberus"
to beg for soap.
He's already given us soap.
Someone has fixed feet
to our soap.
And it walked away.
Habarbekov, why are you under
the table? Are you staying there?
Lieutenant, I wanted
to ask you.
Go on, ask.
Are we getting
millet for dinner?
Yes, millet.
Comrade Lieutenant!
Millet for breakfast.
Millet for lunch.
Millet for dinner.
You think an Uzbek is a bird?
Stop your witticisms.
Or 'ha-ha's, as Gusev calls them.
Let Gusev peck millet then.
Why Gusev?
If something goes wrong, it's Gusev.
Lavkin, why do you clean the gun
alone? Where's your No.1, Svyatkin?
Well... it's...
The corporal said
everything must
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