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platoon goes to unload cabbages.
Yes, to unload cabbages!
- Sergeant Garbuzenko, command!
- Yes!
Platoon, right dress!
Comrade Captain,
may I address you?
- Did you come right from school?
- Right, after high school.
My son got enlisted
after high school, too.
- Report what you got.
- It's about Svyatkin.
He's arrogant and undisciplined.
He may demoralize the platoon.
- Please transfer him from my platoon.
- Yes, he may.
By the way, in the last battle
Svyatkin destroyed 3 tanks.
He got his decoration
while he was in hospital.
I understand
he's no prize package.
He was a homeless child,
had a difficult life.
Let's help him to become a good man.
The subject is closed.
I got you, Comrade Captain.
By the way, did you have
a nickname at school?
I beg you pardon...
Oh... no.
You'll get it now.
Svyatkin will take care of it.
This is a cabbage,
not a football.
- Vano, where're you going?
- I'm cold, I can't do it anymore.
Sounds beautiful.
- Haven't you had anything to eat?
- Catch it.
Junior Sergeant Myatnikov, why are
you squandering provisions?
Come on!
I'm not squandering.
I just gave two heads.
Gave to whom?
Wait, girl!
- Why are outsiders here?
- She's not an outsider.
She's an orphan.
Her father was killed.
Her mother died.
Go, Natasha, don't be scared.
This man is good.
Our lieutenant is not such a bad man.
He's a suslik, not a lieutenant.
No, Suave,
he doesn't look like a suslik.
He does. There's something gnawing
about him, like of a rodent.
Everything's all right
in the tank troops.
Sergey, in what troops
did you serve?
In the landing force,
Lieutenant Colonel.
Platoon, get ready for action!
The tanks on the right!
Anti-tank men, take the height!
cut off the motorcyclists!
Vano, why the hell are you in a snow-
drift? Motorcycles don't ride there!
Forward, Cossacks!
Where are you dragging it, you fool?
Where're you going, rookie?
That's not the way he showed.
The tanks are on the right!
- He pointed that way.
- Follow me, at a distance!
- Look, where are the tanks?
- Habanera, follow me!
First section,
dig in!
Second section,
dig in!
First crew,
10 meters left.
Private Kolesnikov,
to the right!
Good boys!
Sergeant Myatnikov,
you've been killed.
- May I get up now?
- No, you've been killed.
- But it's awful!
- Yes!
Because you stick out and expose
yourself to the enemy fire.
Where's the second anti-tank section?
Where's Svyatkin?
Suave, to the commander!
I'm here!
Do you have a light?
My "Katyusha" won't
smoke at all.
Corporal Svyatkin, why are you here?
What about the battle?
What battle?
What do you mean?
I said, the tanks are on the right!
- They attack, your comrades are dying!
- Oh, the tanks...
- Those on the right?
- Yes.
Those tanks you were telling about,
Lieutenant, I've beaten them off.
- How did you beat them off?
- Bravely.
- Report according to form.
- Everything's fine, the mongrel's dead.
- What mongrel?
- Fritz's mongrel.
I personally pierced 37 tanks
with one bullet, the rest ran away.
Kaluga, my number two, is finishing
them off with his butt.
Corporal Svyatkin,
you're a grownup man,
stop playing the fool.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Playing those kids' games.
One-two, soldiers were going.
- May I ask you a personal question?
- You may.
Look, Lieutenant,
have you ever seen a German
tank up close?
About 10 meters away, when
it is barging upon you?
About 10 meters?
No, I haven't.
But these are no games.
These are exercises.
I see.
Why are your cap's flaps
not lowered?
To hear your commands better.
In case you say "all clear".
Well... that's it.
All clear!
Corporal Svyatkin has
destroyed all the tanks.
That's what having
fighting experience means.
No talking! Line up by sections!
Quick march after me!
First and second sections, don't
lag behind!
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