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Fyodor Ivanovich told me.
Who is Fyodor Ivanovich?
He was... mate... plat...
Platoon mate.
I see.
When I kick the bucket, write up
my name on the monument.
That's where I belong.
Where my platoon lies.
That's what he said.
Well, how about
some more tea?
- No, thank you.
- Thank you.
You got even prettier.
Yes, yes, very pretty.
Why did your
mother not come?
She couldn't,
we can't leave him alone.
- Your man is still flying?
- Yes, flying.
I'll be right back.
What about Garbuzenko?
He didn't live to see this day.
As though he knew it.
When we last met, he said:
Valyukha, Anna, girls,
if I die, invite everybody here.
All the relatives
of all our eighteen boys.
So we - our collective farm
chairman, me and Valyukha...
She's the girl who saw
the soldiers before the battle.
She was Valyukha then,
now she's Valentina Ivanovna.
We brought them all together.
the real men are lying there.
They put out 18 Tigers.
Eighteen? Are you sure?
I'm not local, but people
from Ilyinka told me about
how they were blowing those tanks up.
They had no cannons.
Only grenades.
That's how it was.
They tied grenades round themselves...
and went right under a tank.
18 Tigers...
18 boys...
Simple arithmetic.
From here we'll have to walk.
Here it is, the common grave...
Let's go and look.
There're their names there.
Let's go.
Life is notjust
crossing a field.
What do you mean?
Crossing a field was harder for them
than living a life for many of us.
Or rather, not crossing,
but not letting others cross it.
Not surrender... that field.
Let's go to them, Kostya.
Let me finish the cigarette.
Never mind, they won't get offended.
They put no crosses
on common graves,
and wives are not sobbing there.
Hello, dad!
Hello, father!
- Private Averin!
- Here!
- Private Antipov!
- Here!
- Private Antonov!
- Here!
- Private Boldyrev!
- Here!
- Private Lepov!
- Here!
- Private Gusev!
- Here!
Pat without Patashon.
- Private Koderidze!
- Here!
without tiger skin.
- Junior Sergeant Myatnikov!
- Here!
- Private Lavkin!
- Here!
- Sergeant Saiko!
- Here!
- Corporal Svyatkin!
- Here!
Just 'Suave'.
Private Habaner...
- No talking! Svyatkin!
- Here!
- Step forward!
- Yes!
Today I've taken 3rd platoon
under my command.
The battery commander set me a goal:
To train in the shortest time
a platoon of tank fighters.
And what am I seeing?
An utter sloppiness
and lack of discipline
at the very first line-up!
I thought you'd be interested to know
the nicknames, comrade Lieutenant.
Corporal Svyatkin,
two extra duties!
What for? I just wanted to acquaint
you with the men of your platoon.
- Three duties!
- Yes, 3 extra duties!
If possible, in the kitchen,
Four duties!
Not a chance!
Only three.
Four are against the regulations,
comrade Lieutenant.
No laughing!
The battery commander set us a task:
To make 3rd Platoon
an example
for our battalion.
An example in everything:
In combat training,
in discipline,
in the way you wear your uniform.
Sergeant Baltic... Sorry, Saiko!
Why do you look like this?
I'm temporary here,
comrade Lieutenant.
I'm from the fleet,
and we sailors...
- Where he'd been 3.5 days.
- 90 days. But for life.
No talking! Tidy yourself up!
Svyatkin, go back in line!
I want you to remember it
from the first day!
In combat training, there'll be
no allowances for anybody.
On the contrary, you'll have it
the hard way, very hard way.
There will be nighttime marches,
- Hard in training, easy in battle.
- The battery commander is here.
Platoon, attention!
Left dress!
Comrade Captain, 3rd Platoon, 1st
Company is lined up for shooting.
Platoon commander,
Junior Lieutenant Suslin!
Good morning, comrades!
Good morning!
- At ease.
- Platoon, at ease!
The training is cancelled,
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