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I pass your order right?
My order?
Yes, right.
Comrade Svyatkin! You...
Put on a coat,
or you may catch a cold.
That's right.
I don't need a running nose.
Thanks, Saiko.
You're a real friend.
No, I'm not.
It's not about friendship,
it's about service, Lieutenant.
- I'm off to my position.
- Yeah.
- Hold on, lgor.
- Yeah.
All right,
if there begins some...
..motion, something
like war, you see?
- What's most important for you?
- What?
Not to fall asleep.
And you, don't you bang me
in my ass.
Or I'll dismantle you to spare parts...
There we go.
A cartridge, rookie.
The motorcyclists.
I threw a grenade
and they turned away.
You can't hear them here,
but they are coming.
What about Krynkin?
I dragged him into the forest.
Can you imagine?
There lies
a lad from Ryazan
and stares with his blue eyes
at the sky.
Pull yourself together, Volodya.
I couldn't
close his eyes.
I got scared.
Take your position.
- Take your position.
- I'll kill those bastards.
- I'll tear them to pieces.
- Take your position, Volodya.
Koderidze, run to Garbuzenko, tell him
to pull 100 meters toward the height.
- May I go and do it?
- Do it!
- What else?
- Excuse me.
- And you'll fight here without me?
- No discussions! Run!
- Platoon, ready for action!
- Yes.
Ready for action!
- Ready for action!
- 1st section, ready for action!
Fire at the foxholes!
Well, Habanera,
carry the cartridges.
Where to?
Don't chicken out, Habanera,
you can't die before your time.
Saiko, come back!
See, pal,
what a great position!
- Did you take the machinegun?
- I did.
There's a hatch in the bottom
behind you. Keep your watch.
Lest the Fritzes open it
and bang us at the back of the head.
Come on!
- Water, mama
- Hold on, Gusev.
- Water, mama.
- Wait.
A cartridge!
Damn you!
What are they doing?!
They want to push that Tiger
into the river.
They need the bridge.
Listen, Habanera!
- You ever had a gramophone?
- What gramophone?
I hadn't it either.
Too bad, isn't it?
Grab your rifle and get out of here.
- Run, Habanera!
- And you?
I want to have a talk
with that bastard.
Or he'll crush us under the tank
without even asking our names.
Baltic is gone.
Svyatkin, the tank!
Cover the flanks, Lieutenant.
And our job is
to burn the tanks.
Now they'll come again.
And we'll live as long
as we hold on.
This is our final and decisive...
Oh, how we sang it!
- You got cartridges?
- No.
- Here, half a disk.
- Thanks, Suave!
They'll put shoes on their Tiger,
and all our deaths
go down the drain.
See, it's raining.
It's spring, Lieutenant.
I'm off,
I got sick and tired of it all.
What, Suave?
Where are you going?
You got scared?
You're a fool, Suslik.
I'll be a damn dude
if I don't...
...finish that bitch.
Gypsy dance with an entrance.
Cover me.
That's it, Comrade Lieutenant!
- Only two of us.
- Three.
The last ones.
A cartridge!
Let'll be hard for my family.
A cartridge!
March 18, 1944
With closed eyes
you sleep in cold,
Under a plywood
star-shaped dome.
Rise up, rise up,
my fellow-soldier!
Rise up, rise up,
my fellow-soldier!
Rise up, rise up,
my fellow-soldier!
Take your greatcoat,
lets go home.
What shall I say
to your relations?
And to your widow
how can I come?
Vow by yesterday
is no consolation.
Vow by yesterday
is no consolation.
Vow by yesterday
is no consolation.
Take your greatcoat,
lets go home.
The war had bent us with a gun.
But it itself had come to doom.
Four years a mothers
without a son,
Four years a mothers
without a son,
Four years...
Take your greatcoat,
lets go home.
Were all wild children
of war mold:
A private, a general,
whatever term.
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