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the 97 percent!
Give it to me.
That Day of Victory
With a gunpowder taste.
That great holiday
With grey hair and young face.
That great happiness
With a tear in our eyes.
Day of Victory!
Day of Victory!
Day of Victory!
That Day of Victory
With a gunpowder taste.
That great holiday
With grey hair and young face.
That great happiness
With a tear in our eyes...
Wake up your lieutenant,
A seriously wounded colonel has been
brought. He's in the surgery.
He wants to see an officer...
You hear me, Kima?
Calm down, you'll feel
better now.
Hold on.
Junior Lieutenant Suslin is here
on your orders.
- Leave us alone with the officer.
- You must go on the operating table.
I have no time.
Comrade Colonel!
- Only 2 minutes.
- Got you.
Comrade Colonel!
My platoon must be
in Rumyantsevo at 11:00.
Forget about Rumyantsevo.
The Germans have broken out of
the encirclement.
The motorized grouping
with tanks
and armored troop carriers.
- I got you.
- Don't interrupt.
They're moving to Ilyinka.
We have many wounded here.
I've reported about the breakthrough.
Help is on the way.
But you must
keep the Germans back.
At any price.
- How many men do you have?
- A platoon of anti-tank fighters.
There're two...
...roads leading to Ilyinka.
Try to block them both.
And hold on.
- Hold on, Lieutenant.
- We will.
May I go and carry it out?
Go, son.
- Yes!
- Go.
What did he say?
The colonel?
He told me
to kiss you.
- My darling!
- Kima!
- Please, stay alive!
- Kima!
- Stay alive! Stay alive!
- Kima!
I'm sorry.
Kima, I...
Just stay alive.
I'm begging you.
Stay alive.
Here died the liaison man
whom Junior
Lieutenant Suslin
sent for help.
That liaison man was
Vano Koderidze.
Father, I've been coming to you
for 30 years.
Platoon, to arms!
Take this height.
There're bogs all around,
they can't take a byway.
- I'll stop them by the road.
- Yes, if we have time to dig in.
No, Suave, itjust can't be!
That our troops would let
the Fritzes out of a circle?
- The time is different now.
- Anything can happen in war.
Does Suslik plan
another quick march?
- Look, you pale youth...
- With fiery eyes.
If anyone once again calls our
commander a dog's name,
I'll dismantle him to spare parts.
- And say he was like that before.
- Right.
- 1st section, fall in!
- 2nd section, fall in!
3rd section, fall in!
Valyukha, come here!
- You command!
- Goodbye, Lieutenant!
- Stop that mysticism!
- It's just in case.
- Take command!
- Gusev, take the cartridges.
Platoon, fall in!
- Why outsiders here?
- It's Valyukha, she's one of us.
- I'm going to the village, to Grandma.
- Go home, girl, quick!
3rd and 4th sections, right dress!
Follow me running!
help the commander!
- Who are you taking me for, Garbuz?
- Forward!
Dig in,
for your own sake!
Where the hell have you been?
Get the disks ready!
Good we managed to dig in.
Now they just can't miss us.
They mustn't, it's too deep to wade.
The only way left for them is
the bridge.
- If only we could blow it up!
- Perhaps with grenades?
No, grenades won't do it.
I think I'll charge Suave
with this bridge.
Do you mind, Commander?
- No.
- Suave, to the commander!
All right, only no bullshitting.
- Either we play kids' games or...
- Or, Suave.
- It's a deal, then.
- Suave, you do the bridge.
We can't blow it up.
Try to organize a jam there.
- Good idea, Vanya.
- Don't waste time on the motorcyclists.
Sit tight and wait.
Either for a tank or an armored carrier.
Or a ship.
But until the first shot,
until my first grenade, just freeze,
not a stir, not a sound.
Will you have enough nerve?
Not you, I mean Baltic.
He sees a tank 500 meters away
and begins to tear his shirt.
Comrade Lieutenant,
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