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Астенический синдром

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-Get up!
Here are your mates too,
you should respect them.
Respect is a feeling,
not a duty.
Get up.
You already are.
Why do you always chew
something at the lesson?
Why don't you tell me
what you think about me?
Masha! I know your book is
more interesting than the lesson,
but the exam
will be on other topic.
Masha knows that this book is more
interesting than the lesson.
The teacher is not pleased
That they will ask about this topic.
But he couldn't run away.
But Masha knows it by heart.
"If, after completing the school,
the pupil will want...
Better to write it down,
It will be easier
To memorize.
"If, after completing the school,
the pupil will want to go on with the studies,
it would be better to try
a real job beforehand.
You have all the time to think
about your future!
if you enroll to university
you'll know life in a deeper way."
Good, but I can't let you out.
If the didactic director finds out,
it will be troubles for us all.
Let me read you something.
What do
I have to do?
I want to know what
you think about it.
Who will give me a hint?
I want your opinion.
"Studying is light, smoke is wreck,
doubts are delirium."
Anyone else? Ivnikov!
He snatched a girl's bag,
but he couldn't run away.
Why do you stay silent?
Why don't you write anything?
Do you think you already know it all?
Why don't you take notes?
-I don't feel like.
Why are you here so?
-None of your business.
Go away, you're interrupting
the lesson. -Leave me alone.
I don't like to mess with it!
What a horror!
The A B C of good manners!
"A, B... C, D, E..."
Do you want to say something, Masha?
-We want to dictate.
"Our school achieved great
success in its development.
High school in our country is free,
mandatory for all.
Those who graduate will be
able to do anything,
Enroll into professional or
technical schools or into university.
Those who graduate will be
able to do anything,
Enroll into professional or
technical schools or in university.
If after completing the school the pupil
will want to go on with the studies,
it would be better to..."
Don't make noise
the next 5 minutes.
You have all the time
to think about your future!
Comrades, you're watching
the TV program "This amazing reality."
Good morning comrades.
We've shown you the documentary
"The mystery of the egg and the chicken",
Which deeply moved our audience.
We've been flooded by letters...
Come here, please!
Come here you all.
Don't be afraid to come closer.
Eat, food is good.
Is very good.
Come and don't push.
What a bad aunt,
She cheats the little ones!
Give it back to me, auntie!
Good Misha.
Take it.
Go, take it.
You're evil!
Beautiful shoe!
You're dirt behind your knee.
It stinks.
Let's go!
-What are you doing?
I'm tired.
You're evil!
Leave him alone.
Stop, he's sick.
-You are!
Stop it!
Bad girls!
I'll kill you!
You filth!
Go away!
Stop it, shut up!
Shut up, you wretch!
Go away!
Let's play.
They went away,
It's all right.
Write, good boy.
You're a kind person.
-You need 100% of presences?
You misunderstood me!
He misunderstood.
"I cannot sit, I cannot stand,
I can but hang myself!"
Nobody understands me,
Can you tell me why?
I don't drink.
-Can you tell me why?
Put it in its place.
Here's my little ones!
Here's to you.
Thanks, daddy.
Lower the volume!
You filthy!
You wretch!
Dirty beast!
Where do you think you're going?
Come here.
You can't hide.
Stop it daddy!
Go away!
How dare you?
You're filth!
I hope you hurt yourself.
So maybe you'll finally fix that.
-Good afternoon, Galina Vladimirovna!
You just woke up?
And where did you sleep?
Good morning!
Good evening.
-As you like it.
Do you want to eat something?
-I don't feel like it.
Meatballs are ready,
you just have to fry them.
No, just a cup of coffee.
Sure, to fry meatballs
Астенический синдром Астенический синдром

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