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Астенический синдром

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from school
will be like escaping from jail.
But you can escape
from jail nonetheless!
The schools are education
institutions, serving the State.
Formerly the State had the need
for the citizens to be slaves,
compliant and obedient.
Low productivity
used to turn useful,
and it was the fault
of the "emasculated" citizens.
The schools, at
the order of the State,
castrated the members
of our society,
giving birth to moral castrates!
Read Turgenev,
"Memories of an emasculator"!
- "Memories of an emasculator"
Since we are castrates,
we can only create other castrates.
What do you think of it?
-I don't understand.
What castrates are you talking
about? -We castrated...
I don't understand. -What
was first, the chicken or the egg?
Now have you understood?
What has this to do with castrates?
-Turgenev understood, we don't.
I'm not following you! -What
was first, the chicken or the egg?
What has this to do with
castrates? -Think about it.
You think about it!
Comrades, let me talk.
Don't do like that.
I participate in teachers
meeting all my life,
We have to stop quarreling
and insulting each other!
We have to respect
the hierarchy.
Wait for your turn.
-Don't interrupt the speakers!
Today the State needs
a different kind of citizen. Free.
Whose creative potential will not
bear the burden of old dogmas.
This brings a certain
unpredictability in the behaviour,
A certain incongruence.
Teachers' duty is very difficult,
But in this way the pupil
will grow intellectually...
I understood,
you want to send into retirement
the most experienced teachers!
Why do you think so?
Since I'm here, the principal
changed four times
and if a pupil was late
everyone blamed him.
But now?
-It's all our fault.
Nothing to tell.
-Really nothing to tell.
You are so rhetoric!
We have to find a solution,
not someone to blame.
Do something yourself! -Do not
talk to me in that tone.
It's like bafle. If it's not there,
the bike makes hell of noise but...
Now you no longer
need us! -Right!
You don't need our experience,
our Ph.D., you spit on them!
Nobody needs anything!
Are you trying to teach
the teachers?
Yes, I want to teach everyone,
demagogues and pedagogues!
Excuse me, how many
"m" in "tomorrow"?
I'm confused.
And just one "m" in "communism"!
It's unbelievable!
-Now this is too much!
The meeting shall go on.
Just ignore him.
Let him sleep, maybe he's sick.
Do you know he was
hit by a student?
He hit the student first.
In any case, they had a fight.
Don't wake him up.
-Maybe he's narcoleptic.
We should lay him off!
-But he's sick.
It's a passive way to protest!
It's a moderate protest,
inside the bounds of legality.
He shouldn't play
basketball with the boys.
This way he brings into
question the teacher's authority,
He destroys
the psychological barrier...
That game is all
about physical contact!
But he's so young
and full of energy!
And nobody else
was going to do that.
Stop it, please!
Irina Pavlovna, the school is not
an island where you have to survive,
It's all one with society.
Sure, but we have
to obey the certain rules.
School is like the military,
like prisons,
We're not at the zoo.
Accordingly to you every
teacher is bright, has a talent.
And the boys are all geniuses.
I'm sick of this silliness!
Let us in.
-Just a moment.
Just a little while.
We won't stay long.
-It's not possible.
We can see you're a good
person. -I know nothing.
It's not possible.
Just a moment!
-I know nothing.
Let me help you.
Where shall we go?
Will you take us there?
-Follow me.
Do you work here?
-No, I rest.
Don't you have to unload?
-I haven't caught any dog.
Is there a queue
at the counter? -Yes.
What's easier to catch,
a dog or a cat?
It's easier to catch
a venereal disease.
Here's the kennel,
that entrance over there.
Which one?
That one.
Cat and a dog, what's
Астенический синдром Астенический синдром

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