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Астенический синдром

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cook and I'll iron your shirts,
while you'll be writing a long novel,
or a shorter one...
A poem,
a short story...
or something else.
Damned stinking cats!
At their leisure,
and they're not even ashamed of it!
I really don't know what
to do with these cats!
Stupid stinking cats!
Easy life, and they're
not even ashamed of it!
Stupid cats!
Are you at home?
Why so early?
If I had come later, you
would have said "Why so late?"
That you're smart,
I already knew that.
What did you say?
I know you're quite bright!
Are you hungry?
I'm going to warm up
something for you.
I don't feel like it!
I can't remember...
Where have I put down the bags?
Come on, dinner is ready.
Have something to eat.
-I don't feel like it.
Come on.
-I don't feel like it.
So who have I cooked for?
-I'm not hungry.
Why do you make a fool of me?
I don't feel like it.
Mom, who's Shakespeare?
Who's Shakespeare?
What does it matter?
We're not at school.
Once upon a time there was a woman
and all she needed in her life
was piece of bread.
She lived her life and then...
quick into the grave!
Hit me on my shoulders!
Do you love me?
-Yes,  and so?
I'm happy.
Don't look at me!
-Why, do you feel like crying?
Go to hell!
-OK, I'm going.
Where are you going?
-To hell.
I was only joke.
-Me too, I'll take a stroll.
Don't get into fights
with anyone. -I won't.
I almost forgot,
I bought your mouthpiece.
Put this hat on.
-Pass it to me.
Look. How do I look?
Relax, take it easy.
Keep your head this way.
I can't see myself.
Relax and look at the mirror.
-This way?
All that matters is
if I can see you.
Don't look at me, look at her.
Here, perfect!
What are you doing here?
Where's my sister?
just wonderful.
Don't move the curtain!
-Who is it?
We're playing here,
close the curtain!
Show us your ID.
Will you play, little brother?
Pasha, tell him
the rules of the game.
We're creating a sculpture of love.
They are the raw materials.
You can use whatever materials,
and do whatever you like.
This material is already taken.
They're free,
you can use them as models.
Will we finish the scene today?
You're a bore!
Is it a fault of that witch of yours?
What  did you think?
To marry the first one yo meet?
Can I give you an advice?
You'll give it to him later, my feet
are freezing. -Let me warm you up!
Get dressed.
Hurry up.
-Undress, get dressed again...
What a bore!
Lay with your bellies up,
your hands on your breasts.
Give them two candles.
They should be in the kitchen,
if Julia hasn't used them all.
What a happy sculpture!
Is he your brother?
-He's an aesthete, a decadent.
He's a teacher!
I would call it "the end of a love".
-This love can go to hell!
Take her place.
Get up.
He always wanted
to stand out of crowd.
If you could know for how long
I dreamed to lay down here,
On our parents' bed!
So soft, warm and quiet.
I had enough of this!
Let's go away.
-I think it's not bad.
Take my hand.
-Are we going away?
I'm playing too!
You're not funny.
-Go to hell!
You know the rules.
-Explain them to me again.
You have to make
a sculpture of love.
A celebration of the human body.
-I didn't know that!
Get naked.
The triumph of the senses!
And now?
-Sure, it will be a pleasure.
Here you are, such a little love.
Take my place,
if it matters so much to you.
Is he Nikolaj?
He is Julia's brother,
isn't him? -Yes, he is.
Don't spoil the game.
-It's my game!
What are you waiting for?
Go away!
And take Pasha with you!
I knew he would come to visit
his sister sooner or later.
Why won't we go to church
and get married?
I beg you!
The ball isn't here,
the ball is here...
They hate the school,
they hate it!
It's terrible.
They're always running away,
I see them from the windows.
Always running away!
We can shut the door
and the windows, to guard them...
So running away
Астенический синдром Астенический синдром

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