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entrance door?
Upper floor, door on the right. Tell it is from Svan.
From Svan?
From Svan.
Excuse me, could I use your phone?
It's long since disconnected.
You're welcome.
Svan sent me.
I know. Come on in.
That's my tea-kettle whistling.
How is your life going, Goshenka?
In accordance with my health
and education.
Let's go.
Why did you turn off the light?
It's all the same for old lady, she's blind.
Come in, please.
- Svan asked to give you this.
- Aha, thank you, take a seat.
- Please, turn your back at me.
Here you go.
- Is this good?
- Good.
Just a minute, excuse me, please.
Chirey, Shar, help me here!
Just carefully, please.
We'll do everything alright. Like convoy in zone ties up.
Breathe. Breathe, pigeon.
Now we'll cut out your appendicitis.
He needs some air.
Otherwise he could, for god's sake, die.
What's that in your ear?
Take it off at once.
Calm down, lieutenant, kid is with me.
My bad.
I asked you to dress decently.
And I am dressed decently.
Anyway, I tried to.
Soldiers are already being brought to the door. Palin
sets couple tenths of officiers in previously planned motion.
That is main attach force which must break into house
surrounded by silent, obedient soldiers.
Midnight in St. Petersburg. Two columns of officiers
and some batallions of guards are in motion.
Two columns must unite in front yard.
March 12, 1801.
1 AM.
St. Petersburg.
Soon after midnight plan is executed.
Sleeping Pavel is already twice surrounded.
Column of Beningsen-Zubov went into building through
Rozdestvenskie gates.
And so, tsar is placed in double ring of murderers.
No exit.
Nest is warm. Bird is near.
Bird is near, gentlemen.
Come out, sire.
Sire, you're my hostage and your reign has come to end.
Step down from throne, and sign act of decline
on the benefit of prince Alexandr at once.
Come to your senses, Platon Alexandrovich.
Write it, sire. Write.
I won't sign anything!
You're no emperor. Alexandr is our sire.
I won't sign anything.
Enough with talking, prince. Today he'll sign anything
we want. But tomorrow we'll be hanging in nooses.
I won't sign anything, gentlemen.
What are you yelling?
And stop waving hands!
I can't see! I can't see!
You yourself brought us here and you're willing to retreat?
Scarf, gentlemen. Scarf!
Hold a scarf!
Do you like the book?
To some extent boring, but educating.
Do you really compose those songs yourself?
No. Only such uneducated murzik as yourself couldn't know songs of Grebenschikov.
Who's he?
God. And radiance gleams from him.
Are there on lenses in your glasses?
Grown-up man. Sack on ear, glasses without lenses...
MURZIK - the same as DADDY
GREBENSCHIKOV Boris Borisovich - born on December 27, 1953.
Soviet poet, composer, leader of band "Akvarium"
Zhukov will go steady, Belov confirms it. 4-9-2, system.
Got it? 4-9-2.
Six times six, thirty six. In five cash-desks.
But Zhukov?
It's all the same to Zhukov. He'll do everything.
How much would it be?
All of that's yours. You can check the sum at cash-desk.
Alright, I'll check.
Yes, yes, come in.
Oh, Mishanya!
Arkadiy Petrovich!
How many years, how many winters.
Everything will be normal. Zhukov will also dump the race.
Alright, can I go to cash-desk?
- You're playing?
- Aha. I've played eight times already.
- Have you won?
- No. And you?
- I don't don't play games of chance.
- I'll go and put on once more.
Put on 4-9-2,
system "tripple express".
You'll pay me back later.
Try to win all of them.
- Won't we lose?
- Who doesn't take risks,
doesn't drink champagne.
Allow me, pardon.
Congratulations. Rare winnings
of 3687 rubles, like one kopeck.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, get up.
Hide they money. Listen, stand me a treat,
there's water, sandwiches.
Two bottles of water, please,
and two sandwiches.
Thank you.
- By the way, i have to talk with you.
- And we had to go so far for because of that?


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